Team Fortress 2 player count sees 500% increase with F2P move.

For those who asked the age old question “Do people like free things?” the answer is…yes.

Team Fortress 2’s player count has seen a 500% increase with over 90,000 players since the free-to-play move on the 23rd of June. The update has also made Team Fortress 2 the most played game on Steam, overtaking Counter-strike and Counter-Strike Source.

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fluffydelusions3442d ago

Pretty cool. I haven't seen any game on Steam hit those numbers for a while. CS is usually the highest at around 65k

84,183 Team Fortress 2

Chinner3442d ago

I agree, it's been awhile. Once DOTA 2 is out (and I'm assuming it will be F2P) I reckon that'll get some crazy numbers.

Also, Steam says it it peaked at 87k, but it's bugged because it actually peaked at 92k.

PsycheMax3442d ago

Somewhere I've read Dota2 'll be F2P ;)

GrilledCheeseBook3441d ago

If DOTA 2 is free damn will that get numbers. People sure love those type of games

ELite_Ghost3441d ago

yea I hope it'll b like League of Legends.
Where the game is free and if u want to skins, u gotta pay :)

AEtherbane3441d ago

I can tell, I got a 34 kill streak as a dead-ringer spy, so many new people....

mattdeckard3442d ago

That's really interesting. I wonder if many of these new players are spending much in the store.

Chinner3442d ago

Lots of money I suspect, who can say no to the lure of a lovely hat?

Kee3442d ago

You see, i would jump on the bandwagon too, if playing fps games with a computer wasn't so hard.

I tend to go for slower paced games if I want something for the PC.

Chinner3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

The TF2 community is welcoming, and the game isn't really dependent on twitch skills as it is on team work! You may like the energy class because he's fairly slow and strategic.

Chewy1023441d ago

the TF2 community isn't as welcoming as you think they are.
One example is a plugin that kicks/bans all free players without notice.

chrisgay3441d ago

And lets not forget when servers used to kick/ban Mac players. Lots of TF2 guys are nice, but most just won't shut up about how much more mature and cool they are than the CS crowd.

Ducky3441d ago

Only a few of the classes require twitch aiming.

Part of TF2's allure is that it accommodates all sorts of play-styles, from the twitchy scout to the supportive engineer.

Lucreto3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I always wanted to get the game but I never got around to it. My brother played it a lot and it looked fun so I jumped in.

I will be buying something cheap to get the premium version.

Lucreto3442d ago

F2P has less item storage, lower drop rates, less item creation and you can't trade.

You have to buy something from the store to get the full version.

There are started packs wich as like .99 cent.

But that and you get the full version of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.