Devil May Cry 4 Updated impressions: Dante's devil women are back

Fans of the Devil May Cry series will be overjoyed to hear that two of the series' best - and sexiest - characters are making a triumphant return in Devil May Cry 4. There's Trish, a demon created in the image of Dante's mother by the Hell beast Mundus, and Lady, a saucy devil hunter whose weapon of choice is a rocket launcher with an enormous knife strapped to it. And, as is tradition for female characters in Japanese-developed videogames, they've been given preposterously revealing new cleavage. Whether or not these two will actually be playable remains to be seen (Trish was briefly controllable in DMC2 as a secret character) but their presence is a definite fan pleaser.

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ruibing4868d ago

I still think its a mistake to change protagonist, especially if its to battle the old one later in the game. I seem to recall something similar with Raiden and Snake in MGS2. It might be a good idea for them to develop a new female devil character so as to evolve Neo's character better.

lonestarmt4868d ago

they are!! look at the new trailers!! Nothing wrong with them brining back the classics

lonestarmt4868d ago

trish in DMC 2???? are you sure???? I might be wrong but trish was in DMC one, lucia was in DMC 2. Lucia was playable in DMC 2.

gunnerforlife4868d ago

and so was trish unless u never completed the game u wouldnt know

lonestarmt4868d ago

I did beat the game, but its been so long, and I didn't really like DMC and tried to forget everything about it, so thats why I prob forgot about trish being in it. lol.

Bonsai12144868d ago

you could unlock trish, but it wasn't a biggie. i prefer to live as if DMC2 never existed.

but yeah, Lady and Trish are back for DMC4. not to hot on Nero though. They turned Dante into a boss fight in which (it looks like) you win. i mean, what bs is that. you can't fight Dante and win. its like beating god at a game of chess.

ps, lady's a lot hotter in this version. Trish i don't really know cause its been ages since i've played DMC