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inFamous two years ago was largely unknown. It was a totally new brand in a number of similar-looking titles. However, the action ....

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EazyC3539d ago

It's a bit high imo.

Certainly a mid 80's score would be just right, but 94% is really for near-perfection games. I didn't feel that when I rented inFamous 2. Not enough improvement over 1.

Am I the only one who thinks you should be allowed to drive vehicles? It's the same with Prototype, I know in most cases you wouldn't bother, but it should be there.

A good example is in the xbox game Crackdown. You never really drove a vehicle because your character was way faster than one, but having the ability is nice. A bit stupid, really, but oh well ;)

dinkeldinkse3539d ago

Would actually take longer to get somewhere.

HowarthsNJ3539d ago

Cole can't get in a car without damaging it due to the electrical powers. Are you sure you played part one?

EazyC3539d ago


A good 50% of it, yes!

And dinkeldinkse, I know, it would just be nice to have.

3539d ago
karl3539d ago

omg.. u just to turn it into the same as every open world game..

that actually there arent that many

but im sure u would ask for that for every one of them...

infamous is great.. a 90 indeed

although there were lots of things that bother me

its just the enjoyment that a game brings me that makes it worth it of a 9

actually.. TEN has never been perfect in the gaming industry... just saying

just means that u shouldnt miss it ..

Redempteur3539d ago

vehicules ??? what for ?who wnat vehicules when you have ice launch , static trusters and lighting theter ?

you want vehicules to get stuck into circulation ? not being able to go everywhere ?
vehicules are such a bad ideas in infamous

EazyC3539d ago

Vehicules? I meant VEHICLES. What the hell would would vehicules be doing in a videogame?

Biggest3539d ago

Now you're just being a moron, EazyC. No one agrees with your stance on vehicles in the game. It is known that Cole can not drive a car due to his electrical powers. End of story. Find something else to hate on.

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kza3539d ago

LOL vehicles in Infamous wtf would you want that for, u play as a SUPER hero/villian!!