Rift MMO - Strong Game of the Year Contender (RealSG)

Anthony Accinelli of realSG writes, "March 1st of this year marked a very impactful day in my life. It wasn't the day I turned 25, it wasn't the day of my wedding, nor was it the day I landed my first job as the CEO of a large corporation - which has yet to happen.

It was the day Rift was released. I now have two level 50 fifty characters, have over 12 total days of gametime logged, and for the first time in my career as a game journalist am nominating an MMO as Game of the Year."

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4242d ago
AvidGamerrrr4242d ago

Great write up. I may just try this game.

fluffydelusions4241d ago

I haven't played the game but it seemed to have gotten "just ok" scores. I don't think this will win any GOTY awards especially considering the competition it's up against, but it still seems like an overall solid game.

dangert124241d ago

Let me tell you this much game of the year has not been released yet!

and if one of the games that have been released this year do get GOTY

2011 was a bad year for gaming

Year start I was excited for
Ratchet And Clank >>> Still waiting

Killzone 3 >>>> Let Down

SOCOM 4 >>>> Let Down

Uncharted 3 >>>> I trust ND but there listening to the gamers too much i have a feeling that could cost them

LBP 2 >>> it did't wow me like LBP did

Resistance 3 My money is on this game

Portal 2 guess they did all they could but its not GOTY certified

Brink: HA

Last Gurdian hope this is good

Now twisted metal and skyrim have come on my radar but IMO the best games that have come out this year have been the recent psn releases underseige is sick SNM

kevnb4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

on pc we had
shogun 2 - terrific game
rift - terrific mmo
withcer 2 - terrific rpg

and some good multiplatform games best played on pc like portal 2.

cant wait for diablo 3, the old republic, heart of the swarm, battlefield 3, stalker 2, dota 2, guild wars 2 and red orchestra 2.

dangert124241d ago

I don't really game on pc but i would agree you guys have had the best 2011 so far

ShoryukenII4241d ago


I agree that Killzone and SOCOM were let downs but LittleBigPlanet was not. Of course you won't be wowed like you were with the first because it is a sequel just like we might not be wowed with Uncharted 3 as much because of Uncharted 2. Portal 2 is a brilliant game that is certainly GotY contender. Brink was supposed to be good but they somehow butchered the game before it came out (E3 2010 gameplay had amazing graphics). The Last Guardian is GotY (well next year).

So this year's GotY contenders so far are Portal 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Rift and possibly Dead Space 2.

dangert124241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

i can agree with what your saying here but console are still weak atm imo

i hope witcher does come to my ps3 =/ sucker for a good rpg ain't played a single on so far this yr

ShoryukenII4241d ago

That's true that we have less GotY contenders so far. I wouldn't mind Shogun and Witcher getting in my PS3. ;)

KeiserSosay47884241d ago

Shogun 2 RULES
Witcher 2 RULES

Astrella4241d ago

Rift is good, but not GOTY worthy imo. Exactly as you wrote, it's like WoW. What it does better than WoW are the constant world events and events that get the whole realm involved working together (or fighting each other). There's nothing really new or ground breaking in Rift that makes it stand out; unless you want to take into account it's the only competition WoW has had yet. And just because there's nothing ground breaking in Rift, it doesn't mean it's a bad game. It's just not GOTY.

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