Real life Big Daddy: Bioshock meets Halloween

This one is pretty funny. A real little sister, a real Big Daddy. Only she thinks it's 'scawy' as she tries to point out it should be scary.

If you're into Halloween, this is the suit to get guys, get your own daughter dressed up like this, or borrow someone elses kid!

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WafflesID4874d ago

freaking....AWESOME. hahahahs

Feihc Retsam4874d ago

Little sister hiding in the kitchen cabinet. She was definitely scarier than he was

socomnick4874d ago

hahaha lol hilarious nice costume.

dexterwang4874d ago

Wish they'd go treat or tricking like that!

People who played bioshock will probably give them a mountain load of candy.. i know I would!

Premonition4874d ago

LOL man that had me laughin, that little girl saying scary like 10x lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.