Guitar Hero III PS3 Having Wireless Dongle Issues?

Evidently there seems to be a problem with the wireless dongle that is included with the PS3 version of Guitar Hero III

1UP comments that:

"With Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on store shelves, players are getting their first taste of this Fall's guitar releases. Getting wireless up and running on all the machines has been a bit of an issue, however, with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band having to develop their own dongle-based wireless systems on PlayStation 3, as the tools to hook into the hardware's Bluetooth features apparently weren't ready just yet."

Follow the link for more information:

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TheMART4869d ago

Isn't it nice. Wireless devices on the PS3?

The controllers keep disconnecting
GH3 guitar wireless dongle issues

You even better can have a wire attached. Like you have on real time guitars also by the way

DolphGB4869d ago

Never had that happen, not once. You may be confusing something that happened to 10 people once with something that doesn't happen to most of the other 4+ million users.

There's a chance, of course, that this story is true but it says that it is not substantiated. In the comments of the story, plenty of people are saying they haven't seen the issue.

This is a non-story so far, but the people who like to knock 'the other' console down will undoubtedly have a field day with it in any case...

AliC4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Now I remember why I put you on my ignore list.

I have never ever had a single problem with my PS3 controller and I know of no one else who has had any issue what so ever with the controller.

I think you are so full of yourself you actually believe most of the the stuff you say as fact.

This is yet another "lets knock sony" fanboy pushed non-news article.

Meus Renaissance4869d ago

You're the last person I thought I'd see making sarcastic comments about hardware issues.

cr33ping_death4869d ago

the mart obviously doesnt know that REAL guitars can also go wireless.....besides lets not forget which systems hardware has more problems......hell i got guitar hero the first day and on day 3 im getting the "cannot read disc" message on my 360.... what kind of
sh!t is that. ill take a pic next time it comes up marty boy.

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kalistyles4869d ago

with it. It was a little confusing at first setting the guitar with the dongle, but once I got it up and running it works fine. Mart are you just the most biased person ever. Is there anything that you like at all about Sony. Whats your deal? Did the PS2 hurt you in some way when you had one. I know you had one at some point in your miserable Sony hating life.

power0919994869d ago

Only time my controllers have ever dropped is if I let the battery get very low.

Other than that, they have never dropped.

mrlokievil4869d ago

My guitar hasn't disconnected once. It turns on and connects to the PS3 faster than the SIXAXIS.

Salvadore4869d ago

How come these guitars aren't taking advantage of PS3's Bluetooth capabilities?

THE_JUDGE4869d ago

about this question. Stuff along the lines of, the licencing is too much to use BT. Among other things.

DolphGB4869d ago

I like much of what they do, but they're still getting used to the whole idea of 'opening up'. They used to keep everything secret and make as much as they can proprietry.

For example - memory sticks. When the PS3 came out, they stuck a CF and SD card slot in it. 5 years ago, they never would have opened up to doing such a thing.

Another example - dropping ATRAC on their latest Walkman. Embracing MP3 and dropping ATRAC wouldn't have been an option years ago.

Bluetooth on the PS3 is just one of those things they haven't yet opened up to the masses. The developers can get hold of the libraries but the 'authorisation' process is too long and arduous right now (expect for Logitech I understand, who spent the time jumping through the hoops and hurdles).

Sony are slowly opening up and removing the red tape and as they do, more and more devices will be compatible with the internal Bluetooth.

jackdoe4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Rockband did it because Sony opened up Bluetooth wireless so it really isn't an excuse for Guitar Hero III. The 360 version didn't include a wireless guitar because of MS proprietary wireless system.

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