Hidden Character in Super Mario Galaxy

With Mario's latest adventure hitting consoles in the coming weeks, details have leaked on the unlockables for those hardcore enough to collect and earn just about everything a Mario can do.

Luigi will be playable once players have earned all 120 stars, completed purple coin missions and defeated Bowser for a second time! The scan of a Super Mario Galaxy player's guide suggests he jumps higher and much further, runs faster, but has trouble stopping. Both brothers have the same moves..

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gamesblow4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

The 1st mario game with a "decent". "any at all" unlockable... This is interesting!

ItsDubC4866d ago

Someone w/ a *supposedly* unbiased gaming blog such as yourself ought to be more informed about such things.

Previous Mario games have had similar unlockables, such as Yoshi in Mario Sunshine.

ThaGeNeCySt4866d ago

and Yoshi in Mario 64 on the roof of the castle giving you 99 Lives for obtaining all 120 stars

lmao2474866d ago

before you poke fun at someone for being uninformed you should be informed yourself. in Mario sunshine yoshi was a gameplay element REQUIRED to beat the game therefore its not an unlockable IMO. But let me correct what I hope you were thinking, YOSHI was Useable in some aspect in mario 64 for getting all 120 stars. I never actually did it but I have definitly seen something along those lines said.

ItsDubC4866d ago

You are correct, though it seems my opinion of what an unlockable is is slightly different than yours, as you pointed out.

Speaking of an unlockable as strictly a bonus addition to the gameplay, then both you and ThaGeNeCySt made mention of one in Mario 64. New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario 64, Super Mario Advance 3, and Super Mario World 2 all have these types of unlockables as far as I know.

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crank4866d ago

Notice he said DECENT.

ItsDubC4866d ago

Unlocking a character in Mario Sunshine isn't the same level of decency as unlocking a character in Mario Galaxy?

crank4866d ago

--to unlock Yoshi, you need to beat episode four of Pinna Park--

Sorry, but getting 120 stars in that game gave you no incentive to carry on.

A complete waste of time yoshi or no yoshi.

Fun game until 70 or so.

lmao2474866d ago

this is a great unlockable, I have always like luigi better just cause I like green a little more then red. Plus he is the underdog

ItsDubC4866d ago

I'm glad that Luigi is more than just a palette-swap in that his abilities have different dynamics than Mario. Hopefully it ups the replay value significantly (perhaps areas previously unreachable w/ Mario can be reached w/ Luigi).

commadore654866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I dunno..

if i can see something in mario i want to get to it. If there are loads of places that seem impossible to get to with mario, but look like they are intended for exploration i'll get frustrated after spending stupid amounts of time trying to get there.

I'd rather they actually just unlocked some area of the game, made a galaxy appear that wasn't there before.

I'll enjoy being luigi though (assuming i can unlock him)

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