The ladies of Conan - Exposed

Games Radar writes: "See all of the game's bare-breasted women in Conan's video field guide."

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dork07834009d ago

THAT SUCKED AND IT WAS BORING Too SHE keep saying almost the same thing over and over.That was faulse advertizing

kn4009d ago

Why not have him hit each one for red tokens?

ultraviolentz4009d ago

dont bother... its censored

Rama262854009d ago

Talking about bending over! I'm sure it gets boring after about the 20th one though... The chains make the same sound each time, the girls have set things they repeat over and over and not to mention the graphics being worse than some PS2 games. I'm glad I missed this game.

BloodySinner4009d ago

Stupid game. I don't even know why people pay attention to such titles.

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