Konami Shares Fall After Delaying Release of 'Metal Gear Solid'

Konami Shares Fall After Delaying Release of 'Metal Gear Solid'

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mighty_douche4869d ago

but just watch them sky rocket next april...

this is really gaming news....?

The WildAttorney4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

It is important gaming news indeed.

THE_JUDGE4869d ago

they will explode when the game actually does hit, can't wait!

The WildAttorney4869d ago

If Konami could turn back time like the game Timeshift, they would certainly have made their game an Xbox 360 exclusive. When they started development of MGS, they had no way of knowing that: (1) the PS3 would be so difficult to develop for just to achieve performance close to the Xbox 360; and (2) the PS3 would be such a bomb in terms of sales. Had it been an Xbox 360 exclusive, not only would it look outstanding, but it would have been released in the holiday 2007 window. I'm pretty sure Konami won't make that mistake again.

SabreMan4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

are you ignorant,blinkered and just plain daft ??

your post is certainly making you look all the above


I am laughing outloud at your comments, failed console, brand loyalty please stop it my stomach is aching i am laughing that much.
You sure have good entertainment value even if you comments are blinkered trash, it appears some sour grapes may be being felt it looks like you'll have to buy the failed console to play MGS4 as it isn't coming to your beloved 360

i honestly thought it was a fable that ignorant buffoons such as you actually existed, i am pleased i can confirm it to be actually true, infact two in one day

what with you and bluebrad1974 if i am ever in need of a good laugh i can always log on hear and read your posts

The WildAttorney4869d ago

Ignorance is supporting a failed console (PS3) simply out a brand loyalty. Ignorance is failing to realize that the Xbox 360 provides a significantly better gaming experience than the PS3.

bluebrad19744869d ago

I imagine any developer would want their games on the 360. They can't just simply ignore the 360's install base and record breaking attach rate. Sony is undoubtedly paying Konami a huge load of cash not to jump ship to the 360.

snakeater34869d ago

failed console my a$$...stop trying to justify your 360 purchase ...if you like your box so much , stop whining and get over the fact that you will never play mgs4 on your beloved console. period.

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darkgod1014869d ago

Wow how dumb can you two get, seriously.

The low install base for Xbox 360 did not stop gears of War did it? If low install base is a problem on PS3 why not just release games on PS2 and make more money. Your logic is flawed. Xbox had a low install base same with the GC but it still got third party exclusives.

This game will sell in the millions on PS3, period. I think you two along with all other fanboys of all the systems should be strapped to a rocket ship and sent straight to the sun.

jackfatal4869d ago

ps3 is selling very well in europe now!
they delayed MGS because they want for ps3 install base get bigger!
and about what those xbots fan talking about? x360 install base??
12 million in 2 years??
they are here because their xcrap is broken on them thats y u always see them on every gaming site out there!

The WildAttorney4869d ago

Do you even believe the pablum you spew? There are far far more Xbox 360s in European homes than PS3s. PS3 sales received a bump this month because of the price cut, but like the last time Sony conducted a fire sale on its PS3, that bump will fade and the Xbox 360 will return to the top of the sales heap. Mark my words--November and December sales in Europe will be led by Wii, then Xbox 360, and lastly by PS3. How can a console be dieing slowly in Europe when it has the most consoles in homes? Of course, you don't think, you just spew nonsense.

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