Bizarre Creations on the PGR series

With Bizarre Creations now an Activision owned company, Microsoft's Project Gotham Racing series needs to find a new developer. Pro-G caught up with Bizarre's Commercial Director Sarah Chudley, to talk about the series as whole, working with Microsoft and the benefits of single platform development.

Pro-G: As one of the leading developers in the world, what is helping move games forward more: sheer hardware power or innovative control systems?

Sarah Chudley: Clever design! You can have all the power in the world and even special in-nostril smell-o-vision controllers as much as you like, but they won't be anything without great gameplay. In some ways, the days before 3D helped constrain the gameplay and focus the action, so now it's more about making sure that you don't get carried away with the power or input devices and dilute the gaming experience. Consoles may be magnificent and controllers such as the Wii devices innovative, but you've really got to work to make the best use of them. After all, it's the gameplay that gets you hooked, not the hardware...

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iMad4864d ago

I play this game every day and it's very fun and spectacular!! My favorite city: New Youk under HEAVY rain! unbelievable realistic! reach enviroment is a key for racing game to be good.

patriotZero4864d ago

PGR= Test Drive millenium. OLDGEN

otherZinc4864d ago

I'm also happy that most of the PGR team is at FORZA. I have all PGR games and I hope someone will bring back that awesome radio function in PGR2 (i think it was 2) where the DJ's would talk & then play music.

FORZA & PGR games are the best racers ever.

creeping judas4864d ago

and at xmas theyd wish you a merry xmas, new years a happy new years, etc.....

SuperSaiyan44864d ago

I was playing some of it yesterday and its amazing how you can feel everything on the road! Like pebble road, unsmooth tarmack feel, bumps and as you go faster slight vibration feedback.

Much missing from 3 and all missing from 4.

PGR4 has the worst handling in the entire series.

level 3604863d ago

Awesome game and very innovative. Love the fantastic weather "physics" effect and those flowing "new" racetracks.
And the motobikes are really addictive to play as well.
Best PGR Series ever!