Akimi Village Review (GPT)

Gameplay Today: "Akimi Village is a game you may have played before on your Xbox 360 when it was called A Kingdom for Keflings. The premise has remained the same but instead of having features from the sequel A World of Keflings, Akimi Village sticks strictly to the first formula used in 2008. If the Kefling games felt homely then Akimi Village aimed for the mystical feel."

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ShyGuy133503d ago

Can't wait for the inevitable sequel: Akimi World!

GodsHand3503d ago

Hopefully they can incorporate some enemy ai into the mix, such as trying to convert the your enmeny Akimi's to help you harvest, and build. Same goes for the ai trying to convert yours.(kind of like black and white)

This game was intresting, but once you finish, it has little repplay value, because the same floating island is always the same, and the only thing you may want to try is beat your old time building everything. IMO it's not worth the $10, but maybe $5.

GunShotEddy3503d ago

I keep hearing the word "Okami" from that damned pixi in the PS2/Wii game.