Pixar: Games should stop trying to be realistic

Pixar boss John Lasseter thinks complexity, not realism, is the way forward for videogames.

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Kran3541d ago

Says the company trying to make graphics in Pixar films as realistic as possible.

LeftPawedFox3541d ago

Umm ya cause toy story looked sooo real!!..

Harelgur3541d ago

I think they mean Gameplay wise.

Ducky3541d ago

The 'uncanny valley' isn't related to gameplay. =p

Rainstorm813541d ago

Real life is complex....

As far as difficulty goes, games could be more challenging than they are now ...

Nate-Dog3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Why is it always the people that know little of video-games and that are barely (or not at all) involved with them the ones that think they are more well-informed and have better ideas of the industry than everyone else?

LewisDenby3541d ago

Usually because an interviewer asks them what they think. ;-)

Nate-Dog3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Fair enough but particularly in regards to people in the film industry some of them often seem to think that they know better. Games aren't films (nor should they try to be) and the attraction of games can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes when you compare them to films, from stuff like just plain ol' shooting people in FPSs to story telling and exploring in RPGs and whatnot, they're different animals altogether.

PirosThe4th3541d ago

I think they are referring to the fact that games are trying to be more like movies... although movies are usually overly exaggerated and unrealistic, mostly. Yet games try to keep things realistic, some...
I don't see how a blood screen is realistic... or how I can never die no matter what i do in some games...
I just hate it... all games are waaaaaaaaay too easy. See Demons Soul's it's way more realistic due to the fact that you die easier. It really depends in the way you see or analyze his answer :P

A7XEric3541d ago

You don't really need to know much about video games to have an opinion on the visual style of a game especially since the company with the opinion makes their money off the their film looks.

And I totally agree with Pixar. It's such a turn-off whenever I see some super dark/ugly hyperrealistic world. All of my favorite games have great art direction. Halo, Zelda, JSRF, anything Rare has ever put out, etc.

Baba19063541d ago

it really depends. i mean you wouldnt be able to make a game like LA Noire without it beeing as realistic as possible. while others games come to its best when they are as far from real as possible. =D

MsmackyM3541d ago

Games should be whatever the market for games want them to be.

EazyC3541d ago

Next up: Battlefield 3 using Nerf guns because of concerns of being too realistic.

Takoulya3541d ago

Yeah, exactly. I mean, the bullet should always hit exactly where you're pointing at no matter how long you shoot, because it's not fun at all if you can't get any kills by spraying. /s

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