GameFocus Preview: BioShock Infinite

GameFocus writes: "One of my favorite franchises of this console cycle is BioShock. The world it exposed me to was nothing short of wondrous. It wasn’t about Andrew Ryan. It wasn’t about the various Splicers. It wasn’t even about the different versions of Big Daddy. It was the city of Rapture itself. Rapture was just as much of a character to me as any person who made the city their home. The stepping back in time, traveling to what was almost an alternate future/past, and the design itself breathed life into the city under the sea in ways that few other games have ever achieved. While BioShock 2 didn’t quite carry the same magic as the first one did, it was still nice to venture back into Rapture and see some new sides her."

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joab7773645d ago

And that is exactly what levine wanted. He abandoned rapturebecahse he didn't think it was possible to recreate that feeling in an environment we had already traveled to and through. Bioshock is my all time favorite game and for just the reasons that u mentioned. Every locale in rapture spawned a unique emotion. And I loved the 2nd one simplybecause i was allowed to return. Like u, i was very nervous about a new locale, especially a bright, shiny one, but now i am more eager than apprehensive. It will end up being a gift, the new location, i am sure. And what i love also about bioshock is that they never settle, nothing is off the table. They take risks that others just don't seem willing to take. Imagine bioshock without plasmids, or little sisters, or the ability to sacrifice them. When I saw the tears, I was elated. Biishock infinite will b everything I want it to be and everything that I don't even know that I want it to be. There are manygames I am looking forward to, but this is number 1.