Tekken film approaching release?

The Tekken film adaptation has been in the works for some time. Word of the project first arrived in February of 2002, when production company Crystal Sky Pictures reportedly secured the rights for $60 million. Two years later the project came up again, this time with Miramax subsidiary Dimension Films reportedly tied to cofund and distribute the film.

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socomnick4869d ago

This movies gonna be bad just like mk movie and the Street fighter movie.

BloodySinner4868d ago

Not to mention the DOA movie.

IdontTakeSides4869d ago

MK movies...?? they weren't great. but they were't terrible...and if it wasn't for MK im sure they would be no Street Fighter..Halo ..Tekken movies along with all the others..

G4L4869d ago

the fact that games have become so mainstream that they are making movies based of them is awesome!!!! It shows how far gaming has come to being an acceptable past time. Im loving it!

BloodySinner4868d ago

Actually, it shows Hollywood lost its touch and can't come up with any ideas of their own. So now they're looking at the video game industry.

mighty_douche4868d ago

i disagree mate, the problem is movies cost so much to produce that companies only wanna make something that will guarantee their investment back. hence all the remakes and sequals.

predator4868d ago

MK films werent that bad, the first one was good i thought

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