Disney Prez Blasts HD DVD Backers

Bob Chapek, president of Disney Studios Home Entertainment, said yesterday that Blu-ray's victory in the high-def disc format war is "inevitable."

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Chapek blames supporters of Blu-ray's rival, HD DVD, for prolonging the format war. Disney is an exclusive backer of Blu-ray.

"Blu-ray's competition's attempts to sell less than the best will inevitably be trumped by what we stated from the very beginning: That the Blu-ray technology is not a half-step format that will sell consumers short, but rather it is a revolutionary technology that will change the way we view movies for the long term," Chapek said at a Blu-ray promotional event.

Several retailers, including Circuit City, recently began selling a sub-$200 Toshiba HD DVD player and it's likely that Blu-ray prices will come down soon as well, setting the stage for a holiday showdown.

Chapek yesterday seemed to take a "bring it on" approach.

"And we firmly believe that revolutionary technology, my friends, is indisputably, undeniably and inevitably Blu-ray.," he said.

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P1MPDADDY4865d ago

Because Disney is suppporting Blu-Ray and every person that supports HD-DVD hurts Disneys business. What was he going to say?

"I hope HD-DVD beats Blu-Ray."
"HD-DVD is better than Blu-Ray."

Of course not. Give me a break. Just like Microsoft and Sony are going to say whatever it takes for us to buy thier products.

I'm just going to sit back let everyone argue, play it safe and let this whole format war play out before investing in HD movies.

Leathersoup4865d ago

Blu-Ray -- Disney -- Pixar -- Steve Jobs -- Apple

HD-DVD -- Toshiba -- Microsoft

ruibing4865d ago

I like the connection, and I think Disney has every reason to be more vocal and involved with Blu Ray. They cover a major family sector of the movie industry, especially now that they have Pixar back, so I'm glad they will be actively supporting Blu Ray. Sony won't have to fight alone in the format war any longer.

BlackIceJoe4865d ago

Wow that is harsh. But I will say one thing as much as I want this format war to end I do not at the same time. Because as long as both formats as fighting for your dollar means that new things will be added to the formats. Plus this helps bring the movies and players down. So that is good news for every one. But at the same time I hope it ends soon so this way I know who to support.

m91058264865d ago

Actually, he's not, it's basic principles of capitalism and supply and demand. If you have a competitor, you're constantly forced to release either a better or cheaper product to remain a candidate in whatever industry you represent. By having two formats, they must keep trying to outdo each other, which includes lowering prices. That's why a monopoly is bad, because if you control the entire market share of a product, you can place whatever price you want on your product and people won't have a choice.

blaze_344864d ago

Umm...ipod proved that you dont need to be cheaper OR better to be able to sell alot:P

m91058264864d ago

That's because Steve Jobs is apparently some sort of magical wizard from the future.

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sonarus4865d ago

Stop blasting and get TO CUTTING DOWN BLU RAY COSTS. You fended off hd-dvd when they were still cheaper but with sears selling at 170 dollars and with the new hd-dvd offers i have to say it is very tempting for me to take that plunge

PimpHandHappy4865d ago

and btw Sonarus. They have cut the price of one blueray player and its a system that plays games and can browse the internet.

you know what its called

sonarus4865d ago

CUT the price to at least 300 is what i mean. If they can sell ps3 at 400 they can definetly make a 300 dollar blu ray player.

Retro-Virus4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

I disagree.

It's not absolutely everytime that the technologically innovative product wins over it's competitor.

I mean "Windows" is a pile of turd and there are much better alternatives out there but c'mon that din't stop it from world domination.

BTW, I support Blu for Uncompressed PCM DTS-HD, HD-Master :)

Azures4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Actually its because their are no better alternatives for gaming or business class applications.

Macs are fine if your doing nothing productive, not playing games, or just an artist. Not to mention the ridiculous price increase for exactly the same hardware used in a PC. And Linux's open source existence will never lead to the same type of mass market success.

whoever disagreed with me, if your using a mac ur probably not interested in "news 4 gamers".

tatical4865d ago

"Not to mention the ridiculous price increase for exactly the same hardware used in a PC."

Not true...

December last year, after a lot or research I ordered a ThinkPad with these specs:
Core 2 Duo 2.3 Ghz
ATi x1400 Mobility 64MB Accelerated Video
Wireless 802.11 b/g
Fingerprint reader
Windows XP Home with a free upgrade to Vista Home Premium

They said it would ship in 4 weeks, no problem. The ship date arrives and they tell me I have to wait another 4 weeks! I got pissed, canceled my order, and went to the Apple store the next week.

I purchased a Macbook Pro with these specs:
Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz
ATi x1600 Mobility 128MB Accelerated Video
Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n (yes, all of them)
iSight webcam
Backlit keyboard (the letters glow depending on how dark it is)
OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Plus I can run XP, Vista, & Linux without emulation.

The prices aren't that far apart.

"Macs are fine if your doing nothing productive"

Productive meaning what exactly?

Tsukasah4865d ago

If you honestly think that we macheads aren't gamers, you've got it wrong. I'm a gamer, N4G isn't strictly PC gaming! I have a PS3, a MacPro, and a nice little $250 custom-built PC for Ubuntu Linux. There are plenty of games on OS/X, go look for yourself. Sure, games like crysis and CS:S(im not sure on that one) are PC only, but guess what!!! I can run Windows Vista on my MacPro, and that mac is the more customizable mac. Sure it's downright expensive, but it's no different from a regular desktop PC, it's just a Mac.

PS3 + Ubuntu Linux + Mac OS/X = AMAZING!!

OH, btw, incase you're wondering what I do with each, or want to make a comeback saying i have no need for the three....

PS3 is for gaming

The Linux comp is the family computer, I have no worry whatsoever about getting a virus or spyware or anything like that while they browse the web.

My Mac is for Photoshop, Final Cut Studio 2, my personal web browsing, multimedia... basically everything besides gaming and un-needed office programs.

Ubuntu has everything windows has, just better or free. Mac runs better for what I like, PS3 is great for my gaming machine.