Championship Manager 2008: Eurogamer Preview

Championship Manager doesn't have any loading screens. "Previously you'd sit there with a mouse in one hand and a book in the other," King dev Ross Alexander jovially explains. "Now, if you've got the power, we'll use it." So what happens in '08 once you click on that 'Continue' button is that time ticks on, but you're free to do everything you can do normally. Examine player stats, read messages, alter training schedules, the lot.

ProZone is the real life computerised match analysis tool that all the real football clubs really actually use in really real life. It was in last year's Championship Manager as a minor addition, half-baked and inaccessible. Now it's being brought to the forefront. At a basic level your ProZone advisor fella will feed you a few observations after each match, pointing out details you might have missed like players who strayed from your tactics. Or if you lose a match, it'll point out who played well and vice versa.

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