Review: 8/10 for PS3 Stranglehold

Here's cool: slow motion diving through the air, pistol in each hand, taking out all 15 baddies in the room. There's no denying this. Now do it sliding down a banister, riding belly-first on a trolley, or gliding along the back of a museum dinosaur.

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MK_Red4870d ago

I played the 360 version and it was a fun game but could have been much better (and longer).

SofaKingReetodded4870d ago

I bought the 360 version for my kid and it was HORRID, framerate drops left and right. PS3 version is smooth and now Im actually enjoying the gameplay.

ruibing4870d ago

The extra time PS3 had for development probably gave the developers time to actually make use of the specialties of the PS3 hardware, just like Virtual Fighter 5 for 360. A wait is always good if it was worth it.

King20084870d ago

This game missed its hype window when it was delayed on ps3 now im no longer interested and if i was there is no way this game would receive my money over better games..

Bits-N-Kibbles4870d ago

sucked, I gave it like a 3 or 4/10

GoD_tattoo4870d ago

Graphics looked like early PS2, and the gameplay sucked. Played the demo for about 10 min and deleted.

bumnut4869d ago

i thought the graphics were good, but the gameplay was terrible and very repetitive.

RudeSole Devil4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

These Mother FUCERS need to stop copy old reviews. Get off you lazy ass and do your job, just today they responded very fast that VF5 was so much better graphically on Xbox 360. I'm sure both games weren't identical. Guaranteed if the PS3 lack something anywhere in the game they would of bashed the PS3.

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