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Community4783d ago
Shaman4783d ago

Its's gamespot source,so its probably much more serious than some german site that was writting about it last year.

Anyway...HELL YESS!!!Let it be VC R*!

Eiffel4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

I'd take San Andreas over Vice City.

Give me an entire state this time, not another confined city.

Shaman4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

I wouldn't.Vice City with RAGE engine...oh my...0_o.Not just the city,maybe state of Florida with big city being Vice City.I wouldn't mind next SA for the last year of this gen though...

Solidus187-SCMilk4783d ago

noone would want to drive from miami to orlando in a game. Everyone would just fast travel between cities, making the in between pointless.

Trust me, I live in Florida, and most of the state is covered by woods, swamp and small redneck towns. Only a few cities worth going to.
I could understand if they had more than one city, but an entire state or even only the big cities is not possible. It would take way too much time, money and space. They would not be able to get all cities on there, and what is the point of having the whole state if there is a crap load of empty space in between the few cities that they could make.

Even with every single city and town in FLorida, there would still be way too much empty space in between. It would have to be on 20DVDs and multiple blurays, and would have a bunch of loading after traveling a while. Not to mention the DEV time needed to do something like that.

I think they should focus on one or two big cities, maybe some towns outside the city. My main problem with GTA 4 was the friendship and phone calls that they added, totally pointless and dumb.

TheDivine4783d ago

Ive always wanted gta new orleans. So many great things could be done there. Id like it to have a big hurricane hit and parades and voodoo. All the crazy charm no has.

kma2k4783d ago

@ The Divine i dont think they would want to go the new orlans route, Infamous 2 just did that. Granted GTA could do it better, but why duplicate a city that was so recently done!

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nopunctuation4783d ago

This game has probably been in development for a long time. Rockstar started on GTA IV right after san andreas was released so I dont see why they would not do the same here.

Ahasverus4783d ago

Make it a two DVD - 1BR game with both San Andreas AND Vice City. Otherwise why does it have taken so long to be made? it must be epic in scope

NYC_Gamer4783d ago

i believe they should wait and release it on next gen hardware

jbiz3304783d ago

and I believe youre an idiot.. Who wants to wait till 2014 possibly for a GTA game?

Prcko4783d ago

omg omg omg
every time i hear gta 5 my heartbeat going over 100

nopunctuation4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

360 is pretty likely to be included as well. I think Rockstar learned its lesson on developing for 360 as the primary build though and hopefully they will use PC or PS3 as the primary build and port it to Xbox 360. It makes all the versions better really.

slavish34783d ago

last time i checked final fantasy was developed on ps3 1st and port to 360 and they got screwed so learn the facts. Better if they develope all 3 simultaneously.

HappyTrigger4783d ago

I know that most of you would like to see this game a PC and PS3 exclusive because you no longer want it to be "dumb down", but c'mon, actually think about the gamers who don't give a crap about that stuff. People who actually enjoy the game.

GodsHand4783d ago

I still enjoy GTA:IV. Though it would of been nice if PS3 users did not have to wait so long for the DLC, seeing as I own the copy for PS3.

As for what city GTA:V will be, I have a feeling it will be Los Angeles (San Andreas). Just because of Mid-Night Club: LA, and LA Noir, even though that city is set some time ago. They pretty much laid the ground work for the cities to be used in the next GTA Series.

FunkMcnasty4782d ago

How does the Xbox 360 "dumb down" a multiplat game?? People on this website talk about the 360 like it's an Atari 2600. I don't get it..

jbiz3304783d ago

good luck in hoping for that to happen.

Burning_Finger4783d ago

PSVITA can handle it.. Make it happen R*.

nopunctuation4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Id like to see San Andreas stories on Vita. As far as a full fleged GTA on a handheld goes, that is a prettty bad idea. As good as Vita is, it could hold back the potential of the game.