G4TV: Dead Island Multiplayer Preview

G4: "The demo consisted of a side quest, as to not reveal parts of the story without the context of the whole plot. The NPC asked our team of four to venture out of the safe house--or in this case, safe church-- to hang posters in order to help him find a missing loved one. No one, however, had the heart to tell him that his loved one was probably already a brainless..."

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VileAndVicious3822d ago

I dont know how I feel about this game yet... It kind of reminds me of oblivion with zombies

EZMickey3821d ago

Well it is an extremely customizable RPG and the combat focus is primarily on melee.

I like that idea. I just hope the combat is GOOD. I'm seriously over the shite combat to be found in the RPGs of this gen.

acemonkey3821d ago

i hope the combat doesn't suck....the first time i saw looked like condemned a lil bit...but i liked that game but i just love killing zombies so a RPG and CO-op is all fun to me