TopCow accidently confirms The Darkness 2

TopCow Comics has accidently confirmed that Starbreeze studios is working on a sequel for The Darkness, which was released in June this year. An employee from TopCow has accidently revealed to Dutch rapper 'Lycan-Strife' that Starbreeze is working on The Darkness 2 in secret, for next-generation consoles.

The Dutch rapper 'Lycan-Strife' has a good connection with TopCow and the Dutch rapper even made a tribute rap for The Darkness. A TopCow Comics employee then tipped 'Lycan-Strife' with the news that Starbreeze is working on The Darkness 2. 'Lycan-Strife' then reported the news to Dutch website Xbox360Only.

The sequel will arrive sometime around late 2008/early 2009, and will continue directly where The Darkness ended. No official confirmation has been given yet, but it seems pretty likely it will happen.

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Excalibur4867d ago

The Darkness was a cool game.

Cyberwaste4867d ago

Not fussed, the first one was awfull too play.

The Real Joker4867d ago

Had a great time with this game. I look forward to the second one.

vgn244867d ago

I think we all know a sequel was coming, but a dutch rapper is the news source?

Tommie4867d ago

Pretty lame rapper, but who cares? Here is his MySpace, with The Darkness rap at right music player:

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The story is too old to be commented.