Devil May Cry 4 Site Up.

The official Devil May Cry 4 site is up but not exactly live yet. There is a countdown on the site that suggest that more will be revealed in 7 days.

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kingboy5876d ago

7 more days baby!can`t wait to see this badboy in action.

TheMART5876d ago

So that's the next 'exclusive' that'll be on 360 also like Assassins Creed.

Hey Kingboy, why are you voting lame on 360 cool games like Bioshock and Forza 2? You know they're great but just because they're not on PS3 you vote lame. Now that's lame if you're a fanboy or not. Those are great games and you know it

General5876d ago

You cant talk, You Vote PS3 News lame to.

TheMART5876d ago

First off: not all. Good games I vote cool as with Resistance

TheMART5876d ago (Edited 5876d ago )

Go search up the Resistance article and watch my vote at the cool side

Here you are:

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PS3 Ultimate5876d ago

one of the BIGGEST games of the year GUARENTEED! This is OVERKILL most 360 titles THAT I truly admit! The ultimate! DMC4! The future is ALMOST HERE! I am extremely excited! Finally one of my ultimate favs!

HaHa5876d ago

i can't take any more of the excitment i swear my heart is beating so hard :S

HaHa5876d ago

it says something about his arm?? does this have anything to do with DMC3 when at the last moment vergil hurts dante while he's trying to save him?????

PS3 Ultimate5876d ago

DMC4 MAYBE just MAYBE it'll take a miracle for it to come out on the 360. It does'nt even look right on an x box console. It fits best on the PLAYSTATION 3! It is guarenteed for the PS3 ONLY so far!

TheMART5876d ago

It's Capcom kid. Capcom is selling big bucks with Dead Rising on 360. Capcom wants money. Capcom is not stupid. All developpers are looking to the money making format 360. Like with Assassins Creed confirmed on 360. Face it

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The story is too old to be commented.