Critics: Toned down 'Manhunt 2' still too violent

Child advocates are urging parents not to buy "Manhunt 2," a video game whose characters kill and torture using implements ranging from glass and shovels to a fuse box and a toilet. The title goes on sale Wednesday -- Halloween -- rated "mature," appropriate for people 17 and up, for about $28. In the first-person killer fantasy, the players take on the role of a man escaping from an insane asylum.

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Bladestar4868d ago

I'm starting to hate this game... it came out on CNN today... games like this one... are the ones that will be responsible for politicians that want votes to take over the game industry and have us play pacman... dumb down the gore damn it... I don't have a problem with games like this... but are these people really asking for trouble?

Megaton4867d ago

Without companies like Rockstar being willing to push the boundaries of what's allowed, no matter what the consequences, we don't stand a chance of seeing the day when adults can have their own console games.

Many people looking at the industry as a whole are still tied to the idea that video games are for children, even though the average gamer is nearly 30 years old. That thinking needs to be re-evaluated.

Of the millions of people playing violent video games globally, how many have done something like shoot up their school? No more than a handful, and most of them played the tamer FPS games anyways. Manhunt was only mentioned in a shootings case once, and it was mistakingly spoken of as the shooter's game. It was later found though, that the shooter never even played it, the victim was the one who owned it. A person is going to do that regardless of the games they play.

Call me crazy, but I think it's a parent's responsibility to make sure their children don't play this game, not the government's to make sure the game is censored enough for release. I see what you're saying, and it does have some merit, but backing off now for the sake of not pissing off a couple politicians is not the best way to go. It needs to be shown that the adult market is there and waiting for the AO games they should be allowed to play.

DeadlyFire4867d ago

This is true. Mass appeal is still aimed at kids for nearly everything. A couple of games break that trend at times. Halo being one that is marketable for all and popular amongest most. The world needs to become more mature and accept Adult themed games. The only real issue is that AO rated games are banned from nearly everyplace in the world. Unless that changes then we will continue to see these arguments. I still don't see why no polotician has the sense to make a law that restricts the games to ESRB ratings. Like a M rated game for example is often confused for AO among politicians and parents outside of the game world. Many gamers know otherwise what the content really is and what they want to play. It would certainly make more sense than tring to make a law banning violent videogames from being sold to minors. That is why making an adult themed game is so hard to do since it must meet the requirements of ESRB to become a Mature rated game.

TheExecutive4868d ago

havent they ruined this game enough?

TruthbeTold4868d ago

Holier than thou's complain about this game and the powers that be try to stifle it through the rating system, so they tone it down at the game's expense. Every review you read has something negative to say about the hasty compliance changes made to the game. And yet, after all of that, people are still going to dog the fact that the game was made. What does that say to the developers? Nothing that will allow a step forward, that's for sure. This isn't my kind of game, and I will not be buying it, but we all should defend the right for this type of game to exist without the persecution of those who would make choices for others. I'm sick of this crap.

wil4hire4868d ago

This wouldn't be an issue if it was a NC-17 movie.. "HOW ARE MY CHILDREN GOING TO BE AFFECTED BY IT?!?!"

Don't let your kid buy it.. If he is buying it behind your back, you have bigger issues.

The government instated a Rating system for games like this. You cant change the rating system just to disallow one game that fits the rules because people who wouldn't even buy it in the first place are complaining.

Sam Fisher4867d ago

seriously y on the WII and ps2 (well idc bout ps2) but come on WII i understand that ppl think its too kiddy but seriously isnt meant 4 the kids and casual gamers they should just put it 4 the 360 and ps3 not WUU and give nintendo more shooting games like umbrella chronicles 4 ex (i no ps3 fanboys r gonna disagree with me but u all can go f*** urselves) time crisis... id buy a WII if they got more games like umbrella chronicles

YoMeViet4867d ago

don't like it? don't buy it! so damn simply omg!
it's not intended for lil kids but for a more mautre audience!
if you don't want your kids to play it, then don't buy it for them, but don't stop others from enjoying it.

Those people who wants to restrict games are a$$holes

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