Show Jango Fett how it's done in Prey 2

Released in 2006, Prey was one of the earliest games to come out on Xbox 360. It was met with decent reviews but was clearly one of those games released during the Summer to avoid the holiday rush of bigger games. Prey 2 is now set for release just six short years later and it looks to be much cooler than the first.

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NukaCola2861d ago

I have only seen the E3 Gamespot demo but I have to say it looks to have the best platforming system in any FPS I have ever seen

philpee22861d ago

There isn't exactly too much competition in that area, but you're right.

NukaCola2861d ago

Crysis 2, Brink, Mirror's Edge have platforming , but Prey seems to have it solid.

WhiteLightning2860d ago

Yeah but Tommy would do it even better

philpee22860d ago

What makes you think so?