Arkane Studios is Leaving Money on the Table Without a Prey 2

Game Rant Writes "With Redfall's launch on the horizon, Arkane Studios shouldn't miss out on the renewed popularity of a particular genre with a sequel to Prey."

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jznrpg57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It was ok but not a great game . Plus gamepass will prevent physical sales. It’s not a system seller type of game

SimpleSlave57d ago

One of the best game of the generation with the worst name ever. Neuro Shock (not Prey 2017) alongside the Dishonored franchise should be given the 1st Party treatment by Microsawft.

Why buy absolute monster studios like Arkane just to waste them away making Gamepass bait? Don't you have Rare for that? Soon you'll have ActivisionBlizzard for that too.

Give this Redfall: Rebellion version of the game to a low tier studio and let Arkane make a true 1st Party Single Player game about vampires called Redfall.


shinoff218357d ago

I enjoyed prey but if I remember right the original stuff had you playing a alien bounty hunter. Would've been so much more fun