Confirmed: No 1080p For Battlefield 3 On Consoles, PS3 Footage Is Latest Build

Yesterday it seems as if the entire gaming world was laser-focused on Battlefield 3, as the game’s console footage got its debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon two nights ago, and news immediately erupted that there were some console gamers who were disappointed with the showing, mainly because it didn’t look quite as good as the PC footage DICE had been sporting since the game’s unveiling. The developer swiftly responded, stating the obvious that no one should expect console games to look better than the version of a high-end PC. And now we’re getting even more confirmation that the PC version will indeed be the superior one.

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RedDead4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

1080p...can someone tell if there is any game Native 1080p on consoles(and yes I do mean 1920 x 1080, not some stretched out screen)

Just saying, this title "no 1080p" should go without saying, especially with the visual's, scale and destruction

norman294720d ago

errmm i give you Wipeout HD sir

captain-obvious4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

dont see the big deal
99.99% of this gen games are 720p on consoles

its called PC
and its actually this gen :P

@ disagree
i dont know why would you guys disagree with FACTS lol

Aquanox4720d ago

People is definitely getting anxious for a new gen.

Playing BF3 @ 1080p with max details and 60fps+ will be a pleasure.

nickjkl4720d ago

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 = 1920×1080

Wipeout HD = 1920×1080

Go Puzzle = 1920×1080

GT5 Prologue = 1920×1080

Lair = 800×1080/1600×1080

Ridge Racer 7 = 1920×1080

NBA07 = 1920×1080

NBA08 = 1920×1080

Blast Factor = 1920×1080

Calling All Cars = 1920×1080

Echochrome = 1920×1080

Elefunk = 1920×1080

High Velocity Bowling = 1920×1080

Locoroco Cocoreccho = 1920×1080

Mainichi Issyo = 1440×1080

Pixel Junk Monsters/Racers/Eden = 1920×1080

Rub’a'dub = 1600×1080

Snakeball = 1280×1080

Stardust HD = 1280×1080

Sudoku = 1920×1080

Super Rub-a-Dub = 1600×1080

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection = 1920×1080

GrieverSoul4720d ago

High rated games are sub HD (under 720p) like CoD, Halo, etc...

Natively, very few games render at 1080p both on PS3 and X360. Some game do 1080p but are mostly donwladable titles that require less resources from the machine allowing 1080p.

badz1494720d ago

did somebody ACTUALLY think that BF3 on consoles will run at 1080p?? anybody with a right mind knows that it's basically IMPOSSIBLE!

WhittO4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

It's not all about resolution, Killzone isn't 1080p but has really good looking high-res textures still!

Designing exclusive for a console lets you pull out visual tricks & specific extras they each have to keep the game looking/feeling amazing while still being able to run on a lower spec.. Uncharted 2 is a great example of that.

I think games specifically designed for a console look MUCH better than a generic multiplat game built for PC that can only look good on a high-spec & expensive machine.

DaTruth4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Goes without saying! We didn't need an article for this and anyone who didn't guess, probably doesn't know or care about games in 1080p!

AAACE54720d ago

I was shocked to find that most games this gen didn't run at 1080p! When I got my TV, I noticed that switching would tell me what it was running.

The majority of the 360 games I played ran at 720p, while the majority of the Ps3 games I played ran at 720p as well.

I thought something was wrong with my TV, because it can display at 1080p! But playing bluray movies shows up at 1080p!

I just downloaded Wipeout HD and played it once, but didn't look to see what it runs at.

Just checked, and indeed, Wipeout HD does run at 1080p!

gaffyh4720d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

Very few games do, but it's almost pointless on a big screen, because 720p will look fine unless you're sitting very close to your big screen TV. I'd rather have 720p with no framerate issues than 1080p any day, Wipeout HD does look good, but it doesn't have to render too much on screen at once, so it never slows down. Plus it dynamically changes resolution with you knowing to compensate for slowdown.

If a game can do both on consoles, then good on it.

lil Titan4720d ago

ill just be satisfied with the experience, maybe these new gamers need to be reminded of what the best graphics for a FPS WAS before this new tech was out IMAGE. and i look at it this way Battlefield Bad Company 3 MIGHT have 1080p and developers are still getting used to PS3 tech even this late in the game give them some time to figure out the machine and i know other developers have done it but there not those other developers

Ju4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

"High rated games are sub HD (under 720p) like CoD, Halo, etc... "

Depends on the console, I'd say. High production games run full 720p like KZ(2/3), UC2/3, inFamous, Socom4 (yes, that, too), etc and usually do not tear (steady 30fps without a hitch).

But no, none of those games runs 1080p (all those run 3D, though, which has higher bandwidth requirements than 720p).

ProjectVulcan4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

Still people think they would expect 1080p from these machines? When Microsoft launched they said it is unrealistic and that nearly every game will aim for 720p between 360 and PS3. This game was never going to be 1080p on console, not in a million years.

Anyone taking one look at what was being achieved on PC with BF3 could see that they were going for maximum quality and not maximum resolution or framerate, thus the only option would be 720p or lower on console.

This game is merely making clear the gap between the consoles and PC, because not only will the game look like the PC shots we have all seen, it'll be expected to run in 1080p and over 30 frames a second for many PC gamers.

If anyone thinks that the consoles are not that far behind PC technology still, then maybe finally they will change their opinion...

SilentNegotiator4719d ago

AKA "Confirmed: The Obvious"

dragonelite4719d ago

dynamic resolution if im not mistaken.

Heartnet4719d ago

omg why do people make excuses when its for a game they like however for different games tehre all ragin bout its in 720P haha

OH NOZ NOT 1080!

Organization XII4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

You think it's possible to run a beast of a game that has advanced lightning and destruction to run on 1920x1080 with 256MB of ram? are you fkn kidding me? Consoles are dead tech wise.

I'll be surprised if BF3 pulled 720p on consoles. That's quite impossible for ancient hardware. 1080p isnt a simple word. I know that because of my PC where I loose at least 25fps when I crank games up from 720p to 1080p.

evrfighter14719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

Ernice Gilbert


ya I'm laughing at you.

abczby4719d ago

None of the games you listed have even remotely impressive graphics, and that's why they run at 1080p natively, on this generation of consoles.

Tank_Commander_E64719d ago

Is MW3 in 1080p? Where's the story on that?

Just MS/Activision and these no name shitty little sites trying to start drama. BF3 will be f**king epic!

COD fanboys the time is near!

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Anti-Fanboyer4720d ago

Yes, a very few games on PS3 actually do 1920x 1080.

Wipeout HD does it cleverly, and at 60fps.

Ja555on4720d ago

lots of games on PS3 do 1080p, sure not all of them but some do

Trunkz4720d ago

IMO Console gamers are greedy and want everything the PC can do with only having to pay few hundred for console.

jdfoster004720d ago

Wasn't God Of War at 1080p o.O

newn4gguy4719d ago

No. GOWIII was 720p. I have the box in my hand right now. Common mistake though. Don't worry about it. The game is GORGEOUS!