MSXboxWorld Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Msxbox-world writes:
Well it's been 14 years since Duke Nukem 3D and with a few other Duke inspired games thrown in to satiate gamers thirst, it's only now that 3D Realms' wise cracking first person shooter gets a true sequel. Its development path has been steeped in trauma and even the teams working on the game have changed hands a few times, which brings us bang up to now with Gearbox Software finishing what 3D Realms started way back when. Duke Nukem Forever became the butt of many an industry joke and fair play, it deserved it. Now we're in 2011 and the game has finally been released the question remains, are you a big enough Duke fan to enjoy what's presented, or have you grown up a little in the 14 years, and have been spoiled by big budget shooters of our current climes?

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Danteh2680d ago

seriously wtf is wrong with this game? lol

I_find_it_funny2680d ago

Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Audio 10
Longevity 9
Overall 10


L6RD7BLU32680d ago

Thank YOU, apparently these so called "GAMERS" are to stuck up to play good games.

Strange_Evil2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Just read this BS...

"giving gamers what they want as a throwback to those blocky images as seen in Duke Nukem 3D, they even threw in some authentic texture loading, frame-rate dips so the game chugs pretty badly on occasion during the hectic moments. Given the hardware capabilities and how the graphics are throwback, it's extremely clever of Gearbox to keep this in as a reminder of what games used to be like"

The reviewer actually thinks that the muddy pixelated textures, frame rate dips and loading times were actually put in on purpose by Gearbox LMFAO!!!!

Also... "The Insane mode will keep you playing for hours and hours, now that's real replay value" LOL so turning up a games difficulty level = more replayability!!! What a joke. And the final like cracks me up the most... "A classic game that was well worth waiting for." Again LOL you were OK waiting 14 years for this garbage?

A 10 really? I can understand that 0 or 2 for the game is harsh, but anything above 8 is also as skeptical.

GamersRulz2680d ago

I agree with you buddy, what the hell is happening, we got 0/10 then 10/10. there must be something wrong

CrAnKiTuP_012680d ago

@ Strange_Evil

It's called sarcasm.

Strange_Evil2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

^^^ Ya even I thought that at first and then I saw the score and I was like WAAAAT!!! It's not sarcasm when you write a sarcastic review and then flank it with a 10/10 score.

RedDead2680d ago

It's been done already mate, this site is copying

Digitaldude2680d ago

For all the tards who seriously think its real.

Livin_in_a_box2680d ago

Hey, they copied that other site that did this sarcasm review first! How unprofessional.

SilentNegotiator2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Oh well. It's all that the Duke fanboys want to hear anyway, lol.

"It's GOTY! Don't listen to da stupid reviews! The jokes aren't flat, the graphics are better than Killzone 3 and GOW3 put together, the gameplay isn't boring, the level design isn't outdated, and it has boobies in it! Plus, it haz TEH DUKZORZ so its the best thing ever!!!"

Krimmson2680d ago

Apparently you've never seen Destructoid's review of Deadly Premonition.

2679d ago
DatNJDom812679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Perfect? Yea right.

This review gets a .1 of 10. Damn the media is on a roll today! They are spewing quality articles everywhere.

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ATiElite2680d ago


It should be against the law to review games for now on. the reviewer should be charged with terrorism and inciting a riot.

This is insane, this is madness, this is Bullshite!

EVILDEAD3602680d ago

LMAO..go MSXBOX-World taking on the rest of the gaming world and NOT severly overbashing fact the went to the exact polar opposite.

No lie..the reviews were so bad..I actually rented it tonight from the new rental box for 2 dollars just to see if it's really 'Two Worlds' bad.

Cant wait to find out for myself...but 10/10? LOL


dukegodtezza2680d ago

hope u like it evil its a lot better than all the call of duty clones out there,ps take your time when playin it

ElementX2680d ago

OMG, I lol'd so hard reading your "incredible" response. It was perfect after reading that title.

the_kutaragi_baka2680d ago

lmao, funny review of sarcasm... xD

snipes1012680d ago

Haven't read it, but I read Strange's little rant and judging by the quotes he used, it looks like this is supposed to be sarcastic and kind of funny.

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Tompkins2680d ago

No way does this game deserve such a score. What are they on crack?

Jack-Dangerously2680d ago

Everybody gets one. Tell him Peter...

krazieelaoboi2680d ago

Uh apparently everybody gets one... Bingo.

Tompkins2680d ago

Holy crap did you read some of this review? Forget crack, they are smoking some new improved sh**.

Black-Helghast2680d ago

Haha, Ikr? I still got the game tho, I thought reviews were stupid and I'd like the game...Dude I want my 60$ back...

VegaShinra2680d ago

Looks like some site is trying to stay on the good side with 2K PR after that threat made about being banned from review copies lolz

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