E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 - Humanity's last stand never felt so good []

Glitchy Tasty's Jayce Diaz got to see a closed-door presentation of Mass Effect 3 at E3 2011. Check out their impressions of what's to come for Commander Shepard, and take a look at the new screenshots while you're at it!

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mananimal2677d ago

KINECT plus Homo/Lesbo relation option = NO SOUP FOR YOU EA/BIOWARE......dont need it, and cant do it, under any circumstances period. 2012 will be full of good or real good shooters, don't need to play hairy homo's in space, dont need to finish hairy homos in space. Beside im sure i could already predict the ending, ;like most SCI-FI, its already been done before, in some way or another. nuff said