Manhunt 2 Eye-to-Eye on CBS News

CBS News investigates Manhunt 2. Daniel Sieberg talks to a gaming enthusiast and a child psychiatrist about the controversial video game targeted for teens.

Katie Couric also comments that she believes the game can be dangerous for kids who play it, and could be dangerous to others because it will make these kids violent. She encourages parents to not let their kids play this form of "entertainment". This additional video can be found here:

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Twizlex4869d ago

Oh how ignorant the masses can be sometimes...

Sam Fisher4868d ago

then again i wouldnt want a 13 yr old (13 years and down) to play this b/c u got to admit that a child at that age would copy wat it sees i mean how does a kid learn manners or habits...they do copy .... but im not saying to take it off just make a law or sumthing... but seriously i dont understand y is it in the WII isnt that a kids/casual gamers console give it to us (360 and ps3 gamers) hardcore gamers

Twizlex4868d ago

No, I agree with the statement that kids probably shouldn't play this, but they mean anyone under 17 basically. It's okay to give a 16-year-old a car and trust them not to go run some people over, but you think that wiggling their arms around in the air to make a character in Manhunt 2 hack somebody up with a hatchet is somehow going to make them kill people in real life? It's absurd. Regardless of what a kid sees on TV or in movies or what he plays in a videogame, it's the parents' job to put that stuff into context so their children don't think that stuff is just okay. I saw all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies by the time I was 10 and I have yet to kill anybody because of it.

otherZinc4868d ago

I wouldn't buy my kids sh!t like that nor would I have sh!t like that in the house so they could see me play some sh!t like that.

The thing is, the makers of Manhunt did this on purpose and it will only bring unwarranted criticism to the industry. Resident Evil did horror perfectly without over the top crap in it like Manhunt.

GTA efed-up with the Mrs. Clinton stupidity, we dont need that.

Now some parents will see this being done on the Wii and automatically think their kid is going to get their little hands on this crap and not buy a Wii for them at all. This is why Nintendo wouldn't allow things like this in the past on their machine, now their trying to be cool and its going to backfire right in Nintendos face.

Also, Manhunt will only sell about 20k on the Wii, it's not worth the bad press.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4868d ago

Anyone other than adults shouldn't play some games, gamers should be free but also responsible.

bloodzombie774868d ago

IF anyone saw the new South Park a few weeks ago, we would know now that the Fecal Matter Weights and Standards Division uses the measurement known as "Courics" to weigh turds. Coincidence? I think not.

PS. for those of you wondering, I believe a "couric" is equal to about 1.5 pounds.

KidMakeshift4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

That is the crappiest player I've ever seen. He's practically giving the wiimote a handjob.

When will idiots learn you don't have to flail your arms to use the motion censoring correctly. This guy completely misrepresents the game and controls by his overreaction.

I hate that they use him as negative contrast with a reserved psychiatrist that has a accent. The military doesn't use game to desensitize it's soldiers. The military prays on the gamer demographic based off stereographical evaluation (gamers have low self-esteem, minimum paying jobs, live with parents, lack friends and love interest, easy to manipulate).