Wii U: Can it stand alongside PS3 and 360?

You've all seen the Wii U, it was the stand-out feature of Nintendo's E3 press conference and probably the biggest reveal of the show. After a bout of initial confusion, with Nintendo showing off only the controller along with a slog of Wii integration, it's safe to say we now have a fairly good understanding of the new machine's capabilities.

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NYC_Gamer2866d ago

really depends on if nintendo will make use of the hardware and create brand new franchises

Godmars2902866d ago

As far as I can see all they plan on doing is rehash established franchises while depending on 3rd parties to bring in new ideas.

fatstarr2865d ago

it works man hopefully another game like no more heroes comes outta it.

N3XTG3N2866d ago

A better question is: Can PS3 and 360 stand alongside Wii U?

N3XTG3N2866d ago

As time goes by developers get more out of Wii U until the graphical difference between PS3/360 vs. Wii U becomes noticeably different especially in multi-platform games. After one year the difference is so obvious that Microsoft has to rush its next console out. PS3 can endure more, but possibly not more than 2 years.

I'm assuming that Wii U is 50% more powerful than PS3, not sure if that rumor is true.

NYC_Gamer2866d ago

^^^they will not push the others aside because of the huge install base....and PS3/360 are years old but nintendo will be left behind again once the new versions release.

r212866d ago

N3XTG3N you know that assuming is an ugly word to use, considering it has ass in the name. guessing would seem more right......just saying

Trunkz Jr2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )


Where Nintendo has most of the casual gamers from the Wii, 360/PS3 has most of the hardcore gamers, and they haven't seen what loyalty can be done with the CoD franchise, then their in serious trouble having to win some back. Add on an Ugly name and a controller where only 1 person (so far) can only use while the rest need to use last gen controllers to play, BIG TROUBLE.

I'm a Nintendo fan and own all their consoles, this is one I might actually pass on unless they change something about it, at least allow 4 u controllers for say goldeneye multiplayer so nobody can watch off my screen and be cheapy.

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Otheros002866d ago

You mean: Can the WiiU stand with the next playstation and next xbox?

Cause according to nintendo WiiU is supposed to be an 8th generation console. You don't compare consoles that are in different generations.

xabmol2866d ago

"Wii U: Can it stand alongside PS3 and 360?" -The wrong question.

"Can the WiiU stand with the next PlayStation and next Xbox?" -The right question.

N3XTG3N2866d ago

^^ I'm talking about Wii U vs PS3/360 not PS4/Next 360, of course it will not be on par with the latter.

NYC_Gamer2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

wii u should be more powerful than 6 year old consoles

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newn4gguy2866d ago

The big problem here is that those multi-plat titles will have been out on the PS3 and 360 for MONTHS before the Wii U comes out.

I love Nintendo as much as the next gamer, but I'm pretty skeptical about this thing.

Honestly, would it kill Nintendo to make some original IP's?!?

You Noob2866d ago

when this shiat will be released PS4 and 720 will be around the corner... in other words...


jacksonmichael2866d ago

I love ironic display pictures.

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