Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Console Specific Game or Not?


First, Microsoft says Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is an Xbox 360 next-gen exclusive (along with EA's FIFA 2007) for the next 12 months. Then Konami denies that PES 6 will be next-gen exclusive to the Xbox 360. Then Microsoft maintains that PES 6 and FIFA '07 will be 360 exclusives for the next 12 months. Then... Can somebody please make up their minds?

Hit the link for some clarification...hopefully.

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Microsoft Master5876d ago

The Xbox 360 will have Pro Evo 6 and Fifa 07 for a 12 month exclusivity deal between the companies and Microsoft. Then they are free to be developed multi-platform again. Why is such a big deal going on about this...

UrbanJabroni5876d ago

"Then Konami denies that PES 6 will be next-gen exclusive to the Xbox 360"

Given that MS never said the game would be "next-gen exclusive" and only said 12 months...why exactly did Konami need to randomly deny this statement.

In other news, Konami denies that MGS4 will be a Wii exclusive and Microsoft denies that Halo 3 will be exclusive to See, I can deny random things as well.

360Borrowedtime5876d ago

MGS4 a Wii exclusive, are you smoking crack, that console can't even support this game, it's a PS3 game silly! Pro evo and fifa will have there exclusive deal ended by like summer 2007 and they don't release thse games until like august i think!

UrbanJabroni5876d ago

MGS4 on God man, please tell me you understood the sarcasm. Please!

beta15876d ago

this is not true microsoft will have exclusivity for this year only..

FeralPhoenix5876d ago

Its OK, don't worry about 360borrowedtime, judging by his past comments and this latest post...I don't think he's ever been accused of being a smart guy, lol 360borrowedtime you are funny man, really!

FeralPhoenix5875d ago

I almost forgot what I really wanted to say, 360borrowedtime's post had me laughing too hard I guess. M$ was accused of lying when really their statements were accurate....I think it was just Sony fanboys eager to find some dirt on M$ because Sony keeps having bad PR because they contradict themselves all the time.