TGL Replay: Demon's Souls

"At the core of Demon’s Souls, an old heart beats. There is a real throwback to so many of the games that the yesteryears have given us, only now DS gives them an all new modern feel while still retaining that timeless feel. Games nowadays rarely have significant consequences for death. Now we have checkpoints we go back to with all of our equipment, retrying again until we succeed in passing the level. Think back to the good old Megadrive and SNES games. How many times did you come across games where you were given maybe a handful of lives that would see you through to the end of the game? How many times did you get a cool new weapon only to die a moment later and find that it was now gone?"

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Keith Olbermann2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I want to pick this up again and give it a try next week....its just soooo punishing. But for some reason I want to try again.

SwilloTGL2863d ago

It gets better every time you start it again

SwilloTGL2863d ago

Easily. Dark Souls could be the sleeper goty 2011

dorron2863d ago

I just started this game. It's driving me crazy! Just finished first level. I had a hard time...

Great game. But I would prefer it to have difficulty level selection.