Manhunt 2 gets 7.75/10 from Game Informer

Game Informer writes:

"For those of us that loved the original, Manhunt 2 is a trip that's worth taking, even if it's not nearly as memorable or enjoyable. While I applaud the series for it's uncompromising take on morality and violence, it's hard not to notice that recent titles like Mass Effect and BioShock have covered similar territory in a more mature - and much more enjoyable - fashion."

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BaMYouRDeaD4870d ago

Only 7.75? I expected it to get a 8.5 at least....

forum_crawler4870d ago

For those people who do not have a console to play Mass Effect or Bioshock, the Wii version should be ok right?

Anyway, sounds like this game would have been much better if the extra time had been spent in making the game more Wii-friendly, meaning adjusting the controls to be great.

Marceles4869d ago

I heard the Wii version is the best one since you can act out the executions according to IGN...

jackdoe4869d ago

I saw the uncensored executions video and felt a little sick.

Skerj4869d ago

Sounds about right, my only reason to keep playing was to see the story finished.

rockem134869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Im gonna with wii for the motion controls.