Alice: Madness Returns - 30FPS Cap Removal

DSOGaming writes: "If there's one thing we hate, it is witnessing a game capped at 30fps. Some companies removed that cap via a patch, like Codies did for Overlord, while others simple didn’t give a damn about PC gamers’ opinions and suggestions."

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TBM2679d ago

I know this particular article is about the pc version, but I gotta ask was there an article earlier this week about the ps3 install taking 30mins?

Because I gotta say that's a damn lie I just put the game in and the install is at 31% in less than 4 mins.

Id say the whole install will be less than 10 mins.

GT_Ken2679d ago

I love how PC gamers STILL think that FPS is THAT important.

The human eye is incapable of noticing a difference above 60 when this article states that you can turn it up to 120, it's pointless.

Further, the difference between 60 and 30 fps is so negligible, only those with EXTREMELY superior vision can notice.

This has been proven TIME AND TIME AGAIN. But that's ok. Go ahead PC gamers, keep wasting your time.

kevnb2679d ago

30 fps and 60 fps is easily noticeable, anything over 60 fps depends on the person. Most tvs and monitors can only display 60fps these days. I dont know why people keep trying to argue that 60 fps isnt noticeable when it clearly is by just about anybody. I cant wait until the hobbit comes out, it will be shot at 48 fps and start something new.

xDaRkModEx2679d ago

You, GT_ken, are so wrong. Get on a 120 hz monitor and play with a game that can do 120 hz. Then talk to me about it.

GT_Ken2679d ago

LMAO Darkmode. HZ and FPS are two VERY different things. I never said anything about refresh rate.

Kevnb: I didn't say it's not noticeable. Only that it's negligible. MOST people can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps. Those that CAN, are only seeing a slight difference.

Nicolee2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

yes ... believe me its different on 120hz with 60hz. if you try the 120hz one just work any desktop work on pc , you will never go back.

if you have 120Hz monitors, change it to


so it need 120hz monitor to be able to run 120 fps

ambientFLIER2678d ago

What? I play Halo Reach and MW2 and see a big difference in smoothness between them...which is 30fps versus 60. You do get used to the lower frame rate quick, but it IS noticeable.

B00M2679d ago

GT_Ken you just got owned, especially by kevnb's link.

kevnb2679d ago

take a look

and thats just a small square.

B00M2679d ago

Nice link man, there sure is a difference. And is interesting what is said about the fps of films being so low, makes sense.

kevnb2679d ago

ya, but I think when the hobbit comes out at 48 fps things are going to change rapidly. We have the tech now, no sense in limiting ourselves. The future is higher framerates and even higher resolution, its what will kill the 3d gimmick. Our eyes are trained to see 3d, as long as there is enough detail and the motion looks correct it will look "3d".

GT_Ken2679d ago

How did I get owned? I see the difference between 30 and 60. Like I said, I never said there wasn't a difference.

But if you put two videogames in front of me, one at 30 and one at 60 with a LOT more going on on the screen than a simple bouncing block, MOST people won't notice it. The difference is minor.

Now, if you want to talk about the difference between 15 and 60, or even 15 and 30, then you'll have a great argument. But 30 and 60? Not worth arguing over.

kevnb2679d ago

ill take 60 fps over 30 any day, just like the millions of call of duty players for example. Rage is at 60 fps even on console, and carmack really had to fight to green light that... but just watch the response you will get. Not only is 60 fps smoother looking, it also helps make games feel smoother and more responsive.

B00M2678d ago

60fps in first person shooters or a racer make a big difference.