Confirmed: PS3 shipping without HDMI cable

Sony has been touting the benefits of HDMI ever since the announcement of the PlayStation 3 at last year's E3, and the inclusion of an HDMI cable with every unit has been something which fans of both the console and HDMI have been hoping for. Fans often claimed that the inclusion of an HDMI cable would further acceptance of the standard while critics argued that it would be too expensive and would be better as an option.

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specialguest5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

i think it's a good thing to ship without the HDMI cable if it means cutting cost slightly. not everyone has a TV with HDMI input/output.

my TV doesn't even have HDMI, it uses DVI which is basically the samething except i have one of those cables with HDMI at one end and DVI at the other end.

good decision Sony!

xrobbanx5873d ago

Good for sony bad for you

specialguest5873d ago

bad for me? what the hell arey ou talking about? i already have my own HMDI/DVI cable. im not going to pay extra for the PS3 just to get another one that i don't need.

Shadowstorm5874d ago

More bad news for Sony?

Wow. I didn't know it could get any worse.

specialguest5874d ago

how is this bad news? didn't you read my comment about my TV not having HDMI connection. it would be a waste of a good cable if they shipped it with HDMI cable, also i would i have to pay more for the PS3.

calderra5872d ago

Sony's been trying to tell me how revolutionary- not to mention necessary to the future of enterainment- HDMI and 1080p are for YEARS now, slamming Xbox 360 for passing up those technologies. One PS3 doesn't do 1080p (other news item today), and neither have HDMI cables.

See also: Two network adaptors. 7 controllers. Cell being "vastly" more powerful (a supercomputer!).

I wouldn't care at all, but Sony has tried very hard to convinve me I should. So now I expect them to deliver. What's wrong with that?

BIadestarX5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

"i think it's a good thing to ship without the HDMI cable if it means cutting cost slightly. not everyone has a TV with HDMI input/output." ahhhhhhhh hahahahah! I can't stop!. ahhh ahaha!
After all the bashing against the xbox 360 for not having HDMI and Microsoft saying the same thing! Now all of the sudden Sony says no HDMI and you Sony fanboys are ok with it? 2 downgrades in a week. Let the flame begin! Sony must really hate their fanboys!

specialguest5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

here's the difference. Xbox 360 doesn't even have an HDMI input/output, PS3 does. read the article once in a while bub. hahah suddenly your laughter turned into tears... like a sad clown. how ironic. hehe

HyperBear5874d ago

You know, TheMart if the only Xbox 360 fanboy with any sense, all you other guys are just really stupid. Ive got to say, I play Xbox Live like 5hrs a day, and at least my friends on there arent stupid like you and jay da no baller. Its just a cable that gives ppl with HDMI sets a cable for the Best HD Gaming., the actual HDMI slot is not gone. specialguest has it right, like a sad clown.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5874d ago kiddo is as ridiculous as others. He's making things up(while claiming in every of his posts that Sony lies and posting the same $hit all over again. Then when you point him even worse MS lies out, he even doesn't respond. Yeah, he is truly a Xbox 360 fanboy with sense ;-)

Bill Nye5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

Anyone who's going to be using an HDMI cable with their 1080p set can more than afford to get one seperately.

I just wish it came with a VGA cable so I can plug it into my LCD.

Aramis0015873d ago

Do you know if there will be a ps3 VGA cable at launch, because that's what I use for my xbox 360.