Anarchy Reigns Direct-Feed Gameplay Demonstration

The full gameplay demonstration for Anarchy Reigns in direct-feed with commentary from Director Masaki Yamanaka.

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Rikitatsu2678d ago

That looks like a mix of Power Stone + Godhand.

Looks awesome!

crematory2678d ago

leave this shit and give us bayonetta 2 NOW

radphil2678d ago

This game is definitely on my list of games to pick up.

user28971562678d ago

The online for this game is going to be laggy as hell.
And I can't wait to pick this up when it hits the bargain bin.

Baka-akaB2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

This was the first platinum game i didnt feel much love toward , and thus not on my radar , but it looks like it could be interesting enough

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