Is Platinum Games Losing its Sheen?

After the cancellation of Scalebound, Platinum Games seems doomed to collapse. But can they find retribution on the horizon?

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Hendog19811590d ago

It's what happens when you stretch yourself too thin.

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_-EDMIX-_1588d ago

Absolutely agreed even though I really like Platinum Games I always felt they were hit or miss don't get me wrong Bayonetta and Vanquish are amazing titles the same with wonderful 101 but anything other than that has always been very questionable by them and I believe they had a huge consistency problem.

I'm happy that Nier feels like one of those amazing top games by this team, but I also worry because to my understanding that games development was literally split from the team that was creating the specific story and RPG elements to platinumgames Joseph physically creating the gameplay so it definitely makes me wonder if their team is just drawn too thin.

Right now I'm literally questioning how Nier would have turned out if just Platinum Games was simply working on it and none of the staff from Square Enix

Maybe them simply focused on creating 1 aspect of that game is why it was able to turn out so well in terms of how it feels.

Even though it's pretty easy to blame Microsoft in regards to the cancellation of scalebound if you consider they could have simply put in another team to assist them through the development but at the end of the day they still also contracted this team to do something in the first place.

That's basically like getting mad at a team for struggling to build your kitchen yet paying more money to another team to help the other team to build your kitchen.

I mean the way I see it is Microsoft really shouldn't have to do that if they had a very clear and honest deal with Platinum Games for them to create something for them.

I worry about this company's future because of all the bad releases they've had in the past as of right now the last great game I even remember from this team is probably Bayonetta 2.

showtimefolks1588d ago

I think they need to work on less projects and focus on better and more quality products

Gaming_Cousin1588d ago

I wouldn't want to develop for a company that treats me harshly

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Fishy Fingers1588d ago

'Doomed to collapse'.

Haha. Much drama... they expect people to read this s***?

343_Guilty_Spark1588d ago

Depends on who they are working with.

never4get1587d ago

True, Epic Games #EPICFAIL #UE4RETAREDSLOW #EPICCEOLOVESMOBILE. KH0.2 can't even run 1080p60 on PS4PRO.

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