Give Bad and Average Games a Chance

Benjamin Yoder from gamrFeed writes:-
"We live during an amazing time when it comes to video games. Most months of the year we see triple-A releases across multiple platforms. It's less of a question of if there are titles you want to buy and more of what title you would rather have over all the other releases. And in this day and age where each title is polished to a shine, it's easy to ignore all the other titles that release throughout the month, titles that are lucky to even make an 8 rating. Sure, it makes sense on paper – the higher the score the better the experience. But constantly honing in on only the best of the best can limit the types of experiences you have."

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ATiElite2678d ago

1. No
2. Hell No
3. if they are Free maybe
4. too busy playing good games
5. No again to make sure i said No

NAGNEWS2677d ago

gave this games a chance, maybe then i should try.
but give a bad game a chance? like you said HELL NO!!

Controversy2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

The problem is both time and money. I work, I have a wife, I have bills to pay. The limited time I have for gaming is something I don't want to squander.

Yes, there are certainly "diamonds in the rough" that are better than reviews concluded, but how do I find them without risking a lot of $$ and wasting time? The sad truth is that many "bad" and "average" games are just that; bad and average. Any time or money spent with those trying to find the exception is simply too much of a gamble for me, the average working joe.

Trusted devs - Insomniac, Bungee, Naughtydog and a handful of others - working on proven or noteworthy IP's, simply offer a far greater ROI for my gaming dollar and available time.

Pintheshadows2678d ago

Average games maybe. But bad ones can f**k off.

NYC_Gamer2678d ago

i have no time to give bad/average games my money

AtomicGerbil2678d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

If average games appeal to me then possibly.

Bad games, hell no!

VampiricDragon2678d ago

whats this guy smoking?

Theres less unoriginal, generic dribble than ever

Its hard to find anything thats not action or shooter on a console

MidnytRain2677d ago

Most video games in general have action of some sort.

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