20 Underrated PS2 Games That Are Hidden Gems

From hunting ghosts to fighting it out in gladiatorial arenas, there are many underrated PS2 games you should check out in the goldmine.

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Relientk7760d ago

Kudos for putting Kill.Switch and Chao Legion on the list. I love those games and agree they're underrated. Kill.Switch is one of my fav shooters on the PS2.


The 7 Best The Lord of the Rings Games Ever

A huge franchise, but which are the best The Lord of the Rings games for your time and money? Here's our top seven for all formats.

jznrpg911d ago

Lotr online was pretty fun . Not great but decent

Jiub911d ago

I remember having such high hopes for that game. Alas.

victorMaje911d ago

I remember Battle for Middle Earth 2, amazing game.
Also loved Two Towers & Return of the king.
& Shadow of Mordor was great.
Good list.

Outlawzz911d ago

Never got to play the third age, I vaguely remember the cover art. Maybe I'll give it a shot someday

Cunnra911d ago

“The Lord of the Rings is one of few franchises that the Total War franchise has represented, but did so with both grace and flair.”

Is anyone gonna tell him that it’s not a really game? Kinda embarrassing, makes me think he hasn’t even played his “best” game.

Dwarrior911d ago

I really enjoyed the first BFME game. At some point I became unable to play it. Wouldn't even start. Been many years since I tried getting it to run.

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EA's Lord of the Rings games: where are they now?

Throughout the 00s, EA brought us some of the best Lord of the Rings games? Where are they now? How can you play them? Are there remasters?

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mynameisthumper1069d ago

The third age was awesome, still have it for PS2 :)

stupidusername1069d ago

Completely forgot about that game! It was awesome. Had no idea what I was doing because I was young so I struggled with beating Sauron’s eye for 2 years.
I wish they made a new one, but with a new story detached from the movies.

demonseye1069d ago

that's kinda the beauty of the Lotr there is a lot of lore to make a game about and since not everything was written there is a lot of freedom to interpret that part of the lore that's there. or you just do what monolith Productions did. and just fuck the lore to create your own thing. although the thing that made that game good was the nemesis system.

Darkborn1069d ago

I'm still hoping monolith makes a full open world middle earth game with more rpg elements and the nemesis system

Phoenix761069d ago

Still got both battle for middle earth 1&2 for pc and two towers and ROTK for ps2

autobotdan1069d ago

Two Towers and Return of the King were good games on original xbox

Gaming4Life19811069d ago

Man I wish they would make some more of these games or just remake or remaster the originals.

ActualWhiteMan1069d ago

Remaster these PLEASE. Some of the best COOP elements of any game.

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Why The Bouncer Is One Of My Fondest Gaming Memories

Cultured Vultures: On a dare, Jimmy dared Ash to write about the PS2 game The Bouncer, which isn't too fondly remembered. Ash would like to disagree.

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Tetsujin1373d ago

I'd buy this game again if it was re-released. One of the only beat em ups by SquareSoft and fun af.

isarai1373d ago

I still pop this in every now and then and play it through (it's very short) such a fun game

ApocalypseShadow1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

It wasn't that good of a launch game. Just pretty. SOR2 still embarrasses it. And that's on Genesis.

Urban Reign wipes the floor with it.

1372d ago
boing11372d ago

Anyone remembers Urban Reign? That was awesome too.

isarai1372d ago

I used to play the demo religiously! Wasnt till recently that i got my hands on a copy, can't wait to get to it