Back to the Future Episode 4 Review (GPT)

GPT: "I half expected to load up the fourth episode of Back to the Future and be let down like the second episode. Just like that episode the story picks up in the same time line and just like the second doesn't feel like much of anything. The problem of four ends up being greater with a complete lack of vision or end goal except fixing a loose end in the plot."

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ShyGuy132683d ago

I'll just rewatch the movies instead please.

BeaRye2683d ago

We've got to go back Marty! Back to a bad game.

steve30x2683d ago

The reviewer was reviewing Episode two. He says it in the review and in the final result.

GunShotEddy2683d ago

Where do you get that from? I don't even see a reference to Episode 2 outside of vague comparisons to "previous episodes".

ep 2:
ep 3:
ep 4:

steve30x2683d ago

Overall 5.0 Episode 2 was not great but this barely felt like an adventure title.

Raichu502683d ago

Remember when Back to thefuture was good?