Metacritic defends Duke Nukem 0/10 scoring

It seems that has defended how it converts an F grade into a 0/10 in their scoring policy.

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EYEamNUMBER12678d ago

f is a fail (lowest grade possible) of course it would be a 0

Shanks2678d ago

So what grade is 1/10?

I_find_it_funny2678d ago

Shouldn't be 0 because F is a range from 0 to let's say 20 out of 100, so it can as well be 0, 10 or 20.

Kran2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

F+ or E-

SilentNegotiator2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

In all fairness, the review had next to nothing positive to say about Duke Nukem. If a game has no merit, then a 0/10 could be seen as acceptable.

And if F is the lowest score that they can give, how do you differentiate a 0 to a 5? And does it matter anyway? Anything 5 and under is basically crap. Do you really care that it's rated slightly crappier than crap?

But they should probably at least reserve 0/10's for games that are unplayable. Maybe a 1/10 would have been better. Duke fans would still throw a hissy-fit that the game with a 50- average on reviews got a 1, though.

danielle0072678d ago

It had nothing to say about the actual game itself at all, really. He just went on a Fox News rant about how offended he was by Duke and how outdated his sexism is.

He even said that there were a bunch of good parts to the game, awesome moments. How does that deserve a 0?

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Nate-Dog2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I thought NG was a lowest grade / score possible?

Ah wait maybe I'm thinking of something else.

P_Bomb2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

In school, F starts at 49%, in other words 4.9/10. It's not just zero. Anything below 50% is fail.

Metacritic's convergence scale goes against everything we've been taught growing up so of course people are calling shenanigans on their F = 0%.

Dumb thing about metacritic is even when a site has a letter grade and lists a seperate numerical score just for metacritic, metacritic still reverts back to their own scale ignoring the site. I saw this just recently, I'll try to find the example...

Quickstrike2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

where did you go to school at? because here F starts at 69%

on topic: I still don't see how anyone could give DNF a 0/anything. It's a playable game, no glitches, hilarious quotes, the only thing I haven't been able to do is play maybe that's why 1up gave it a low score, because they couldn't play online :P

Prototype2677d ago

At my Elementary/Middle/High Schools and College this was our grading system:

90+ A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
59- F (some places E)

OT I actually like Duke Nukem Forever; reminds me of the 90's and early 2000's back when games had some sort of fresh ideas and comming out of the over saturation of fighters and beat em up's.

shades722678d ago

So that clears that bit of confusion up. Interesting reasoning from them.

lareka2678d ago

Hahahaha 0! Lol !
I pity the guys who pre-ordered this game and the ones who bought enhanced edition of it. So many $$$ wasted on a 0 / 10 game

Ron_Danger2678d ago

I pity people who base their purchases on reviews...

Oldsnake0072678d ago

I pity people who base their purchases on hype...

Ron_Danger2678d ago

I agree with you snake... Hype is another reason to not base purchases off of... Cause of it I haven't bought a CoD since MW2... I bought DNF cause I enjoyed the demo and I wanted a mindless non-serious fps to play... I'm 27 and I remember goin to the local comic book store when I was a kid cause they had 4 computers set up with Duke Nukem 3D... I admit it's not the best game... 5 or 6 out of 10 at best... But I love video games... I even have the plat trophy in Jurassic: The Hunted so I know what bad games are..

Kewl_Kat2678d ago

There's nothing wrong with taking into consideration the reviews when buying a game. But to solely base your decision on reviews alone, then expect major disappointment. I remember back when I had a ps2, I read great reviews on midnight club la, and I bout it as soon as I can. I popped it in, played it, and traded it in for another game the next day. But, reviews also helped introduce me to the first Devil May Cry.

Pillville2678d ago

The problem is that you can't really go from a Letter grade to a Number grade, because the letter is a category for a range of numbers.

It'd be like converting a Genre name into a Band name.
What Band is "Rock"?
What Number is "C+"?

ZombieAssassin2678d ago

I don't even get why Metacritic allows anything that doesn't use a number system on their.

lareka2678d ago


You pity people who ONLY base their purchases on reviews or the ones who ALSO plays the game and based on the review decides about purchasing ? Which one ?

If you are happy with that shitty game, you can be. But you would be just kidding yourself. If the game was named Bob Nuke Never and if you didn't wait for it for 13 years you would definitely BASE your purchase on reviews and I don't think any sensible guy would buy a 40 / 100 game with too many negative points for 50 $ !

I expect your answer brother, any counter arguments ?

Ron_Danger2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

My answer is up by my last comment bud... I didn't see ur comment here until after I posted... And I agreed with you... I was just also adding my 2 cents

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