Manhunt 2 for Wii Reviewed by GamePro - 3.25/5

From GamePro:

"Rockstar is no stranger to controversy. In fact, you could argue that the company even welcomes it; no one is better at taking negative press and turning it into PR gold. But the company's secret has always been that, despite what critics say, their games are usually nothing short of brilliant. It's too bad that the controversial Manhunt 2 doesn't live up to the bar they've set." More within...

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forum_crawler4870d ago

The wii is for KIDZZZZZ....
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ahem... It's a joke, look at my avatar first...

Shaka2K64870d ago

' ' Manhunt 2's escaped-mental-patient story is more dull than upsetting.

The game looks even worse than its predecessor.

It's possible that this might be an amazing, visceral simulation of smashing in someone's skull with a toilet seat, but I can't tell the difference from playing WarioWare in a butcher shop with my eyes shut. The PS2 version somewhat mitigates this, simply by virtue of the fact that there isn't anything Manhunt 2 accomplishes with the Wii controls that isn't easier and less distracting to pull off via just pushing a damn button. At the very least, you won't find yourself accidentally throwing a brick when you go to scratch your nose.

Finally, and most unforgivably, the Wii version plays host to unskippable cut-scenes. ' '

Best on PS2 and i bet the PSP version looks better LMAO!