STN: White Knight Chronicles Review

STN Writes:

White Knight Chronicles is a great title but is enhanced by playing the first game, which is handily on the same disc, however since you are going to put hours into this game both on and offline so doing this will be worth your time and money. If the turn based action of other RPGs puts you off then White Knight Chronicles II is the RPG for you.

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shammgod2773d ago

who uses a 6 point scale? that means one end is scewed differently and there is no true middle of the road

Redempteur2773d ago

why do you want a middle ground again ?

Btw the middle ground is 3/6 ..

shammgod2773d ago

Not really...if the scale is very poor 1, poor 2, fair 3, good 4, very good 5, where is 6..hoofer than very good?

Commander_TK2773d ago

Here in Norway, we grade with a 6 point scale. 6 being the best and 1 the worst.