Meet Final Combat, China’s Shameless Team Fortress 2 Rip-off

Kotaku: "The game makers of China, not content to let the Koreans corner the market on Team Fortress 2 clones, have created their own in Final Combat, only this one is way, way more blatant than previous efforts.

Like many of the games on the Xunlei portal, Final Combat looks like a free to play PC shooter of lower than Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield Heroes quality."

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Pandamobile2681d ago

Lmao, why is TF2 always the victim of this.

captain-obvious2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

still its going to have a bazillion Chinese gamers playing it

i went to the website and accidentally downloaded the installer since everything was in Chinese and i was just looking at the pics
(didnt install it tho)
from the looks of things its a free to play game

DiffusionE2681d ago

Didn't they also have that World of Warcraft rip-off? World of Fight, I think. LMAO!

Bay2681d ago

Wow. Shameless indeed.

BeastlyRig2681d ago

Doesn't matter in china everything get's pirated to hell!

off topic wow!

- http://store.steampowered.c...

soon we will be able to order gpu's from steam! maybe..

Solid_Dave2681d ago

I wonder what Valve would have to say about this...

DrRichtofen2681d ago

WTF? I thought this was Team Fortress for a second lmao

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