Midway Fights Next-Gen Snags

Midway hasn't made an annual profit since 1999, but analysts have noted that the Chicago-based game publisher does have potential to make money, with games like Stranglehold, Unreal Tournament 3 and Blacksite Area 51 (and of course, iterations of the undying Mortal Kombat franchise).

But there have been hurdles in front of that comeback, some of which are related to delays of PS3 versions of next-gen games and some that are related to Midway's company-wide adoption of a modified version of Epic's Unreal Engine 3, not to mention stiff competition in the action genre.

Whether the delay is specifically related to the UE3 engine or not is currently unclear, but what is evident is that this delay represents the latest thorn in the side of Midway's next-gen strategy. Having invested heavily in technology and staff to boost its next-gen drive, all three PS3 versions of its 2007 AAA multiplatform titles have been subject to delays.

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MK_Red4866d ago

Hope they can make money and spend in on MK8 for PS3 and 360.

sonarus4866d ago

midway sucks they havnt made a good game since mortal kombat on super nintendo. Unreal tournament 3 is the only game with potential as far as i can see. Blacksite is gonna be mediocre in this market saturated with fps's. No one even seems to care bout the game. They better make something original or they arent gonna see any profits ever

BloodySinner4866d ago

Unreal Tournament III isn't even a Midway title. Epic Games are the developers. Midway is just going to earn a little cash here and there because they are the publisher of the title.

BloodySinner4866d ago

"Midway hasn't made an annual profit since 1999"


How sad. Maybe if they could just stop making crappy games...

ruibing4866d ago

They remind me of Six Flags amusement parks that buy a lot of rides but then don't really have anything new to offer, so people stop going and they start shutting parks down. They do the same with development studios, going on acquiring sprees and then shutting those places down after they hit a financial problem.

solar4865d ago

makes you wonder how the shareholders are still confident they can produce some flow. hell, 8 years without an annual profit?! they must have some freakin awesome bs'ers over at midway....

Fux4Bux4865d ago

Damn how do they still exist? 8 years without profit should've killed any company. UT3 and some of their standard generic mediocre game aren't going to save them.

Shaka2K64865d ago

Looks like Midway and microsoft have something in common.

' ' UT3 and some of their standard generic mediocre game aren't going to save them. ' '

UT3, generic? noob, they got Mortal Kombat that sells decent.

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