Red Faction Armageddon - Press Start

Get a hammer. Break everything. If that makes a game wrong, we don't want to know what right is.

The Press Start series puts a spin on the mantra "try before you buy" opting instead for "look before you buy". Get a look at the opening 30ish minutes of a medley of games.

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Cwalk8162708d ago

I usually don't fawn over graphics but daaaaaaaaaaamn.

babshier2708d ago

You break it, you buy it. Correction... If you like breaking things, buy this game!

GregoryAllen2708d ago

I tend to avoid things like the first 30min of gameplay footage. if i wanted to watch a game, i'd search for let's plays on youtube.

rmoar2708d ago

This still doesn't help me get over the fact I hate the last Red Faction with a passion.