4 new arrivals hit Xbox One Back Compat to break the 400 mark – But are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "Not so long ago we brought you our thoughts on the last set of backwards compatible titles to arrive on Xbox One as Microsoft closed in on the 400 Xbox backwards compatible games figure. This week has seen another fresh batch of games brought back, which now pushes that number up and over the four century mark. But, the big question is this - are they worth heading back to or should they be left in the past?"

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Bigpappy1387d ago

The mostly perform better in this emulator. So there is that.

Gman321387d ago

Yup gta4 runs looks alot better on xbox one backsward compatible also because of 2 update patches along with red redemption

KingTrash1387d ago

Who cares if they're worth the return? They're just adding games. That's what they do and it's admirable.

DARK_WOLF1387d ago

Yeah alotta gamers this is their first gen so these are all new games.

People act like everyone was old enough and already played all these games 10 years ago.

Fact is all the BC games ln xb1 are games that arent on on ps4 so their pretty much exclusive to xbox and add to the many reasons to own an xbox.

Its a great console with loads of games.

Goldby1387d ago


Assassins creed 2 brother hood and revelations is available on PS4

Borderlands is available on ps4
Dark siders 1&2 available on ps4

So not all be games are exclusive.

Weeblordbad1387d ago


You triggered Goldby. Pretty sure he listed 4 separate remasters there like that's comparable

Also, I wouldn't consider BC games exclusive. Nice try though.

Goldby1387d ago


no i was just correcting yummy
"Fact is all the BC games ln xb1 are games that arent on on ps4 so their pretty much exclusive to xbox"

he stated all games on BC are pretty much exclusive because they aren't on ps4, when some of them are.

zerocarnage1387d ago

that's true, they don't have to add the BC and although I'm into current gen there millions who enjoy going back and playing them all over again.

zeal0us1387d ago

So no MGS collection, Vanquish or Binary Domain.

XanderZane1387d ago

Eventually... Over 400 games. That's a lot and still more are coming.

TheColbertinator1387d ago

400 games and still no MGS HD Collection?

No point XD

Gman321387d ago

Microsoft dont own the rights to MGS collection im sure they try and probably couldn't make it happen im pretty sure a remaster will come at some point

JasonKCK1387d ago

Just play them BC on that other console.

Oh wait...

Kabaneri1387d ago

Modern Warfare 2 please.

Gazondaily1387d ago

This more than anything !

FallenAngel19841387d ago

It's worth if you enjoyed those games

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The story is too old to be commented.