3 Things to Love About Vita, and 3 Things to Hate

The Playstation Vita by far has one of the best looking launch setups ever seen. You get a triple A title from day one (Uncharted: Golden Abyss), backwards compatibility with all PSP games via the Playstation Network, great social networking features, and the list goes on. Even still, there's always a couple of negatives to be found with any new system release. The Playstation Vita had it's share of a few boos at E3. So let's go in depth and take a look at all there is to love about Vita, and some things we could have done without.

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pedrami912683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

1. Proprietary Memory Cards aren't as bad as you think. I mean, Sony has gotta make a profit somewhere with the price being on the Vita an' all.

2. When you got choices, why even bother complaining about it ?

3. Whouldn't make any sense, why even bother calling it a handheld ? i mean, i own a PSP2000 model and i didn't even care for tv out. As long as i could take my Vita to the crapper or outside my home im all set.

dc12683d ago

Very good pedrami91!

I don’t hate the proprietary Memory cards or Video out component nearly as much as I love the price.

Video out components saved Sony a significant amount of money as well.

BISHOP-BRASIL2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Also let's not get ahead of ourselves on the proprietary memory card stuff.

All we officially know about them so far is in which sizes they will be available and what they looks like. We know it's a format not in use for any other electronic right now just from looking at the pics but Sony never said proprietary as far as I know. In fact we should remember Sony owns the Memory Stick flash cards franchise which many companies have license for making... Who can guarantee this isn't a new model of Memory Stick?

Now, can I be wrong? Sure. Maybe Sony even said themselves it's proprietary format and I'm just not that up to date... But even if this is the case, there isn't much to fear, PS1 and PS2 Memory Cards were also proprietary formats and Sony never had abusive price on them neither they used to control it's production like Microsoft does with accessories, there were plenty of third party Memory Cards brands for past Sony consoles.

So I wouldn't say Sony is going for a profit with Memory Cards anymore than the usual... There's no evidence or background to think Sony will pull a 360's HDD out.

Even in the worst case scenario (it's proprietary and Sony is the only maker) I don't expect those memory cards to cost much more than a SD card of similar capacity... The only reason I could see for it happening is if the card holds some special anti piracy security measure, in which case I really don't mind paying a little extra.

EDIT: I mean the price of similar fhash memories NOW, not on release, considering the case it's just a proprietary format of simple flash based Memory Card.

gta28002683d ago

Well said. I just hope the new memory sticks are a little more affordable at launch than the Pro Duos were.

DA_SHREDDER2683d ago

One thing i hate about the Vita is that it isn't gonna replace a tablet or Iphone. Not that this isn't a cool device, but there is no way im gonna game on this instead of my ps3. I'll get the PSvita after it drops down to $150 since there is no need for me to do anything but play games on it, it will never replace my pc, tab, or phone so I can wait.

pedrami912683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

And i wish you good luck waiting 5-6 years for that to happen.

gta28002683d ago

Well the Vita wasn't made to replace your PS3 and you say it as if you have the option to turn your PS3 into a portable. PSV was made to give you a PS3 quality experience while on the go. It's not made to compete with the PS3. But good luck taking your PC on the go or getting the same experience on a phone.

skrug2683d ago

what can you do on ur tablet that u cant on the PC?


I don't think it should be considered a competitor to either tablets or smartphones, as those devices aren't dedicated to gaming. And also if you want a portable gaming device with Vita capabilities, 150$ is simply unrealistic wishful thinking.

But with that said, I would really love if the 3G Vita ha the capacity of making phone calls, just so I wouldn't have to carry both Vita and a cellphone around... But it's not like if this was an option anywhere else either, so I'll live with that.

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beast242tru2683d ago

that was a bad list IMO i actually love the vita in every way just buy one or dnt buy one but this hand held iz wiked

Neko_Mega2683d ago

The picture on the PSVita is just awesomem, it looks as good as LBP on my PS3/LED TV.

Lekumkee2683d ago

"No Video Out"

Of course it's not going to have video out. This thing would be directly competing with the PS3 if it had video out. What's the point of the gorgeous screen if it has video out? How much more would it cost with video out?

Just wondering why is Sony the only one catching flak for "no video out"? Do these same ppl demand the same thing from their Iphone/Android/Tablet? Why aren't they holding other similar devices to the same scrutiny?

StbI9902682d ago

It is called bias mate, screw dose modafukas.

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