We’re Ready to Develop Ninja Theory’s DmC – Platinum Games

Upon Devil May Cry’s announcement at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, countless gamers were furious with the direction developer Ninja Theory are taking with the long running action series. However, Platinum Games has said that they’re ready to take over the development of the reboot, if Capcom wishes them to do so.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2680d ago

They should do it, it might actually be good that way.

SpaceSquirrel2680d ago

I think they should concentrate on Bayonetta 2 instead.

WombBat2680d ago

Idk, for some reason i feel like platinum games would do the series justice.

Platinum Games, probably top 10 developer out there in my opinion.

Sunhammer2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Devil May Cry running Unreal Engine 3 @ 30 fps = Proof that Ninja Theory are the worst developers of this generation.

The trailer looked disgusting and slow. Capcom needs to cancel this and start from scratch. Hire Platinum, as suggested.

Ninja Theory needs to be stopped. This is going to be the worst reboot of all time.

R.I.P Dante and Co...

...Say hello to your replacement methhead, screen tearing, stiff animations, and Unreal Engine 3.

DMC is over.

Ducky2680d ago

^ It's at 30fps?

Well, that kills any desire I had for the game.

MidnytRain2680d ago


Ahh, I remember a time when gamers could care less what the FPS of a game was, let alone let it ward them off a game, lol. This is getting ridiculous.

OR... you could be a PC gamer. Those guys act like they own the game developers. XD

"WTF NO DX11?!! F*** YOU!!!"
Or whatever "rigs" you all are boasting now. I really don't know.

I'll just be quiet now...

catguykyou2680d ago

Where do you get the 30fps count from? Is it because Ninja theory normally has their games locked at 30fps or because you think UE3 has some limitation that only allows it to reach 30fps lock?

captain-obvious2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

i hope capcom drop down Ninja Theory because they really SUCK

i dont care what you guys say
Ninja Theory is a small and arrogant studio that thinks what ever they touch turns into gold (which is clearly NOT true)

they have 0 respect and dedication to fans and they are so full of them selves and make subpar games

im glad sony dropped them
i hope NO other publisher gets a hold of them
and i sure hope to god they close doors or even worst get bought by activision

if Platinum Games get a hold of this game (which they should) its going to be pure GOLD

No Way2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Please don't kill me, but could someone, like, you know, fill me in on what games these two developers, Ninja Theory and Platinum Games, have made?
Like, what games they are, I guess, known for? Good or bad, lol. I jus duno..

TheDivine2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Make bayonetta 2. I must be the only ninja theory fan on n4g. Love their games and dmc DEF needed a reboot. Dmc 4 was horrible and stale. New dmc looks great and while i dont really dig the new dante the game looks amazing. I hope everyone here eats crow when this game blows them away. Enslaved might not of sold well but it was a masterpiece in my mind. NT made 2 of the best games this gen so i have faith and will wait to actually play it to judge.

Heartnet2679d ago


Platinum games make bad games such as Bayonneta and vanquish whereas Ninja Theory have actually made a decent game Enslaved and a mediocre one Heavenly Sword :)

However some people on here are suggesting Ninja Theory are so "Full of emselves" and then praising platinum games even though they are being Full of emseleves by saying their better lol..

Darn Hypocrites :) DmC will be a decent game and those who dont buy it arnt really a "fan" now are they :) Cuz u Is liek OMGZ he has DIFFERZ HAIR CANXL MA PRE ORDEZ.. Bunch of Douche bags

hay2679d ago

@Heartnet: Bayonetta and Vanquish are bad games? No offence kid but you're out of your mind.

thaking1552679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )


I know you have a right to your opinion but Im sorry bro, Ninja Theory just isnt a strong and proven Developer. Yeah they have made 2 big name games but those games were criticized for crap visuals, and horrible gameplay mechanics. Like Heavenly Sword, I remember playing through that and thinking none of these button combinations that I input are as responsive as GOW, same with Enslaved.... I just dont know where you are getting it looks amazing from because it looks borderline PS2 graphics bro.

DMC4 was Capcoms way of saying lets reboot with another character aka Nero and the fans hated that idea and thats why Dante was eventually put back in the game because they were trying to reboot then. Nero was the weak point of DMC4... Give the franchise back to the original developer from platnium games and let them make a trailer with gameplay videos and lets do some comparing to NT and Plat. versions and see which one looks and feels like a DMC game.

gaffyh2679d ago

@Wombat - That's cos they made the game in the first place. The series should never have been given to any other developer.

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Warprincess1162680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Stop judging a game before you play it. Just because they changed Dante look doesn't mean the game gone to automatically suck.

@ Hellbringer

Well that trailer look good to me. It remained truthful to DMC gameplay and it added more. Plz tell me what was so bad about the trailer.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2680d ago

I'm not judging it without anything. The recent gameplay trailer, despite being a work in progress, was terrible, and not true to the namesake. Which is what I dislike about it, it's to GoW-clone like in the fight, nothing like Stylish Devil May Cry gameplay.

ThanatosDMC2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Guess, you didn't watch the GoW like gameplay instead of a DMC gameplay inthe latest trailer? You don't know what you're talking about. They made it casual with long range melee weapons.

You beat me to it. These casual nubs probably love Nero and how DMC4 messed up the DMC lore around Sparda's family.

Christopher2680d ago

I agree that the game may not have bad gameplay, but I can surely say I do not want to play a game with the protagonist looking like this. Especially considering I've played all of the other Dante games and don't agree with them changing him so drastically all of a sudden.

TheKindRoost2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

The problem lies with NT poor choices, not only his looks but everything about the game doesn't ooze the charm the original dmc. This is another proof that westernization of great japanese games brings nothing good, western devs simply doesn't have the flair the Japanese has. Capcom, Namco, Konami needs to realize that these games (Silent Hill, Ridge Racer, DMC) performed well in the west because they were different from what we get in the west. These games didn't need to be westernized or rebooted all they needed were evolution.

mrsatan2680d ago

The gameplay trailer reminded me nothing of DMC and that is not good.

Sevir042680d ago

The trailer was rubbish, work ion progress or not. it didn't look beautiful. It was simply slow and the morphing weapon mechanic just doesn't work in DMC. This game looks choppy and has nothing in the vein of Devil May Cry! only the name! dante looks like a Crack head B*tch and the graphics look like a blurry mess! DMC4's graphics running on MT frame work 2.0 looks better than this! The textures in this is low resolution and they load in all weird! Ninja Theory was the worst choice developer for even rebooting the series!

Capcom should have simply scrap this game and tell ninja theory to move on! they can do this game better! I'm not buying this crap! but i will stomach it and rent this game!

Elven62680d ago

Yellow13: The look and I assume a lot of the other decisions weren't Ninja Theory's fault, they were Capcom's.

I don't really know much about the story but if it's an origin's story I'm willing to give it a chance. Who knows, they might actually find a way to make everything fit together.

Sunhammer: Where did you get the 30 FPS figure? Can't find anything on it.

ZombieAssassin2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

I believe the game is a complete reboot, I read in a interview someone asked him if it was an origins story or reboot and they said it was a completely new world/story a complete reboot of the series.

As far as the 30fps thing it's using the Unreal Engine and it hasn't had more than 2 games on this gen consoles running any higher and the 2 that did are fighters that Netherrealm Studios said it was hard to get it to do that....not only that the last game NT made using UE was only 30fps and it dropped A LOT.

Pintheshadows2680d ago

You've never played DMC have you? That is rhetorical by the way. The answer is clearly no.

Redempteur2680d ago

"Stop judging a game before you play it."

It's freaking easy to be scared by NT .i mean their "past" action games were shallow and missing any element of depth .

i'm not holding my breath ..and none of the trailers showed anything that seems to make me think this will be any différent ...

It isn't pretty , i doubt they 'll have the fun and they'll probably stuff as much "story" as they can inside when clearly we don't care unless it's for a set up for an epic brotherly fight ( DMC3 ).

i'd rather HAVE that DMC HD collection ..

Lord_Sloth2679d ago

It's not just his look they're changing. It's the entire presentation of the franchise!

Punk Rock instead of Metal, dirty Urban Environments with all the colors of the dirt spectrum instead of richly colored castles, a 70s thug instead of a modern biker.

It's the whole feel and atmosphere they're altering.

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trollpolice2680d ago

just look at that fag in the picture what they do with dante..give it to platnuim games..they can do much better with it. and imagine bayonetta and dante cross that would be hilarious!

Heartnet2679d ago

So Ur saing by giving it to Plat games they will change the look of Dante..

If they did that wthey would be overriding capcoms decision and therefor you would never see a new DmC game come to light im afraid :)

it amazes me the gullability of some

and bayonetta was shit.. one button shit

5119ent2680d ago

@wombat only reason i would say not top ten is because of they have yet to prove themselves in the multiplayer arena...

Blaze9292680d ago

lol Ninja Theory, I feel so sorry for them sometimes. I wonder how they must feel. Two unsuccessful games in a row and possibly a third. They're probably like, "just wait, we'll show them how good this game is!"

but in reality, it probably won't. I want to give them a shot but I also don't want to wait another 3-4 years for the next DMC if this one flops.

So I say, just can this project and start over, with Capcom developing it or Platinum Games.

Heartnet2679d ago

Enslaved whilst selling badly was a great game in which i enjoyed the characters and story throughly as well as the game play..

Ill agree Heavenly sword was crap :)

I Dislike all of Plat Games games although the vanquish demo was goood but did not warrent a purchase as the length of the game was like 4 hours without a Multiplayer

VampHuntD2679d ago

@Blaze I disagree on the two unsuccessful games comment. I thought Heavenly Sword was a lot of fun. yes it was short, but it was a good thrill all the way through. Enslaved on the other hand, I played and it felt like a chore. Combat was slow and unrewarding. Orb hunting was tedious. Combat was also slower than Heavenly Sword, which is what initially worried me about them taking on DmC. Two games, both with decent combat, but slow combat, that's not DmC at all.

@Heartnet Enslaved did sell badly because it was a new IP for sure. But even if it had sold well that doesn't make it a great game.

You say you dislike all of platinum games work? You didn't even play Vanquish by your own admission even though the "demo was good". It was longer than 4 hours for a first play through likely and it seems as if you were just influenced by th story that dropped right before the game's release saying it was only 4. try in on hard or normal and see if it takes you 4 hours. On easy? No Prob. On Normal? Possibly. First Time through on Hard? Not likely (and it doesn't count your deaths either, clock resets for those). So that 4 hours nonsense is just that, Nonsense. Bayonetta? Fast Paced killer action, maybe you don't like that style, although you enjoyed the demo for Vanquish so that tells me you do.

By the way, MGS4 could be beat in 3 hours and Demon Soul's could be done in under 1. Guess those games aren't worth it either huh?

Blaze9292679d ago

"I thought Heavenly Sword was a lot of fun."

yeah but I wasn't talking about how fun it is. Fun doesn't equal successful. They went on record saying they received no profits from Heavenly Sword. Then Enslaved next up didn't sell that many copies either - no doubt not as much as they hoped.

fei-hung2679d ago

I think the head of Crapcom and Platinum Games should put their difference and "honor" wars aside and just give the fans of this series what we want - a true next gen DMC made by Platinum Games.

I understand there is ill feelings between Hideki Kamiya and Crapcom and the whole Japanese honor dillema, but Crapcom must understand a simple thing - the honor they owe to the fans of this franchise should supercede all else.

Hideki san is the creator of Resi, DMC, Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta. Nothing more needs to be said about this man to understand that the only way the fans of this franchise will get the DMC we want and are craving for is when this guy is back making it.

If it don't happen, it is not a problem - We will always have Bayonetta to fill that void and that will be Crapcom's loss for not listening to their fans.

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Kon2680d ago

I'm, a little skeptic on this one

5119ent2680d ago

i understand why...but they have never made a bad game so im optimistic

Pintheshadows2680d ago

Enslaved. That was a bad game. Bad combat. Bad platforming. Bad story.

Made worse by the fact the game seemed to think it was amazing.

I can level similar criticism at Heavenly Sword.

Heartnet2679d ago


What were you smoking when you were playing Enslaved?

everything about that game was top class only reason it didnt sell was because it was a new IP which didnt take off :(

I agree with heavenly sword although not a bad game wasnt of ma taste

VileAndVicious2680d ago

This would just be too awesome if the original creator worked on a new dmc. It was really messed up what capcom did to him and the guys that used to be clover studios.

ZombieAssassin2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Oh god please let P* work on a DMC game Capcom, even if it's the second installment of the reboot I'm sure they could do it more justice than NT and use a better engine. DmC holds a special place in my gaming heart as it along with The Legacy of Kain games are what got me back into actual gaming during the Ps2 era, before I played those games I was usually just playing racing games and the occasional RPG so I don't want to see the series ruined.

I wouldn't even have such a big problem with it if they didn't seem to change Dante's personality but it seems they did and that's what helped make the game.

Raider692680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

People understand that this is a reboot.And in no way Capcom will ever delivery DMC to PG because of the honor!Kamiya left Capcom because he do not agree with the way Capcom was handling things,it was not a friendly departed.Japonese people honor there ways and in no way will Capcom ever submit or bend over to PG over DMC or any IP's they have.Kamiya knows that and respond positive because he knows Capcom will never accept that.

jc485732680d ago

He left because he wanted his own company