Giant Bomb: Alice Madness Returns Review

Carving a few hours out of the game's fifteen-or-so hours of runtime would've alleviated Alice's only real negative indulgence, but even as it stands, Madness Returns is an engaging slice of dark fantasy, one that reaffirms American McGee's command of both the unhinged and the fantastical.

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N4GAddict2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Yep, I've seen all these sites giving mediocre scores but this is an amazing game.

DarkTower8052684d ago

It's not underrated, I haven't heard any negative things about it. You may have meant underpromoted, which it is. I haven't seen 1 ad on tv or anywhere else, which is too bad. EA needs to show some love to something other than BF3.

TheLastGuardian20102684d ago

It has a 69 on metacritic. Even Homefront has a higher overall average than that...:/

So yes it's defintly underrated by critics. I could understand if the game was bad, but it isn't. It plays exactly how you would expect a sequel to Alice 1 to play. There's really nothing 5/10 worthy about this game..but yet, critics seem to be fond of stamping 5, and 6 out of 10s all over the place.

When this gen is over no doubt Alice 2 will be on the same list as Deadly Premonition, and Nier for one of the most underated gems this gen.

N4GAddict2684d ago

They're too different games under different genres (Homefront).... sigh.

TheLastGuardian20102684d ago

Regardless though. Homefront is a generic fps, that has nothing "unique" about it. Alice 2 on the other hand has breathtaking art, it has wonderful old school platforming. The music is eery and haunting. The story is also strong, and stays true to the source meterial.

To be honest there's really nothing out there like Alice 2. Platformers are almost all dead, and now we have nothing but fps, or third person shooters. So while Homefront and Alice 2 ARE different genres it's still unfair.

callahan092684d ago

The game looks gorgeous and intriguing. I loved the original so many years ago. I am glad that Giant Bomb gave it a great score, they are one of the review sources I disagree with LEAST. I will definitely try this game soon.

HacSawJimThugin2684d ago

Playing it is the shit.

DOOMZ2684d ago

The game is awesome, go buy it!!!

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