5 Reasons Sonic Jumped the Shark in Sonic Adventure

Original Gamer: "Sonic Adventure was good, but it marked the beginning of Sonic's descent into mediocrity. While it was not the beginning of the end, Sonic Adventure was the beginning of the crap."

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FEARprototype2683d ago

lol i just wish sonic just jump to the mature realm

GamingBuddha092683d ago

i know sonic catches a lot of slack, but this has me wondering what about Mario? hes changed over the years as well and has had twice as many games as sonic? how come no one ever says anything about him? just a thought

edsoliz2681d ago

The difference is that the Mario games have maintained a high level of quality over the years and have been successful in introducing new elements (3D in Mario Galaxy, multiplayer in New SMB Wii). The spin-offs (sports, Mario Kart, Smash Bros) have also been good. The problem, which I may address in a future video, is that Nintendo doesn't make anything ELSE.